Yongseo (Yonghwa & Seohyun)


I'm glad that their careers have blossomed so much both with their group and individually. I'm forever touched by their awkwardness, respect, care, and love/friendship towards each other. They are the only couple I know that spent more than a year of virtual marriage together, admitted they are still close friends after, and yet don't greet each other openly in public or on shows. Odd as it may seems, I hope they are just protecting whatever precious thing they have... Until they're ready (hopefully).

I don't know where to begin.. WGM 2 was (in my opinion) was the best season because of them - they were like first love. Yong Hwa being more experienced was patient with Seo Hyun, never asking to hold her hand or initiating skin ship when she was uncomfortable. In turn, she tried her best to be a good wife, and she blossomed into an even more beautiful woman. The end result was somethin that happens so rarely in real life! They learned so much from each other, like learning guitar, being healthier, reading books, thinking thoroughly - they're good influences on each other, which is what a healthy relationship should be like. And, today, this ship still sails : they live in the same villa, they still keep in contact, they are often seen wearing GOGUMA fan gifts (and occasionally couple items), and still smile and get nervous when the other's name is mentioned (Sungmin on Sukira, anyone? ). GOGUMA fans also are active in the community, doing charity works and hosting events in the path ...more

I agreed with all the comments. I'm a married woman, I never addicted to other couple like yongseo. Don't know why. Haha... Maybe they were so pure and sincere back then in wgm and now they obviously fall to each other.. Keke.. Hopefully they will get married for real...

I love them because they are them. And just seeing them makes your heart flutters. And I just notice when they are looking at each others eyes you can see a sparkle. I really can get enough of them. I'm a Goguma ever since their WGM started! I'm a DIE HARD Goguma!

Yonghwa and Seohyun couple made me feel young, I can feel their feeling for each other but they are wise enough to know that they are young where they have to work hard for their future. Their eyes show how much they like and love each other... Let us pray that one day they end up as a married couple

I am officially a year and 2 days old Goguma as of 20th July 2012. (: The Yongseo couple has brought me so much pure happiness as I watched their WGM episodes. They are a really beautiful, lovable and real couple. I will never stop believing in them. YONGSEO FIGHTING! & I LOVE YOU FOREVER!

I'm a married woman... Thanks to this couple I can recall again how it feels like to be in love. And also thanks to them, now I do things which teenagers would do... Become a silly fan of them :D. So I would really appreciate if you can put them together and let them perform on one stage again. Thanks

Love how Yong Hwa patiently waited for Seo Hyun to understand his feelings. In Japan episode, we can see how happy Yong Hwa when Seo Hyun made move to hold his arm. And since Seo Hyun so innocent, Yong Hwa is very cautious about everything from skinship to kissing as he wanted it to be something respectful and memorable for Seo Hyun

They are so cute together. I hope they can date for real. Gesture, body language show that they have feelings for each other. I love Goguma Couple. And the surely good to be together

They've treasured each other when they were in "We God Married. "
It's a kind of pure love and great power for them to support each others' normal lives. Hope God will continually take these two children to create wonderful memories in their minds. Doesn't matter how the surroundings change, they can always insist their true love without any excuse and fear.
God bless them.

The most 'real' couple ever on WGM. Even though they started out awkward, you could feel their growing feeling and caring for each other, with every sweet episode, with every stare. 'Young love, sweet love' I hope they become 'forever love' in the future! They are perfect for each other (why can't they realize that?! )

I love yongseo couple, because they make me addicting.. Can't stop admiring this couple.. Hope yongseo couple everlasting, sweet as always and can have yongseo junior :)
Yongseo daebaak...

They are so cute together! I think they are the best! They are compatible for each other! And They still have contact of each other and they will still say Hi or congratulate each other for their carreers.. Goguma couple is the best! YongSeo fighting! I LOVE YONGSEO FOREVER!

Both of them are so perfect on their own. When they were paired up, just look too unreal to be true. Unlike all the other couple, they built up their relationship step by step, so real and touching when you notice how much they have changed since meeting each other. They only started holding hands after more than half a year their met. Seohyun is so pure, and can't express her feeling well most of the time, but with Yonghwa's patient and caring, she opened up her heart for the first time to a male, and showed all the "unspoken words" by her events and actions. Me as a yongseo fans, still waiting for the day that they really become a pair of real couple. Quietly with hope. May be they are not as funny as other couples, not as sweet as the others. Still, I love them for who they are when they are together. They are the one and only I pray for from the bottom of my heart.

They teach me how love can be such as a pure thing without something called invidual passion or self ego. You learn to be consider more to your couple then to your self and how you must be patient to gain his/her trust. I love this couple so much and hoping the best for them. Yongseo Everlasting!

YongSeo! Their eyeships are to die for. Eyeships says it all. I hope to see them onstage again and I really enjoyed their we got married stint. It was pure, innocent and real :). Hoping to see them doing a collaboration again. YongSeo JJANG!

Hopefully this couple is real.. I am really like them in WGM, they are so cute and match each other. They can colaborate together to make some songs and sing it. :) yongseo, fighting!

Yongseo is real. From them we can feel what is real love, what is first love. Two people do their best to understand each other. The one point one point is to learn to love, learn to care. To each other and slowly sincere open-minded. Their every little bit is so true. Let a person believe in love, longing for love. They are the best couple. Yongseo forever~~~

For me during and after and I hope until now, both Yong and Hyun developed their feelings to each other for more than a friends, hope what they feel for each other will grow into what we call true love to stay forever

Yonghwa and Seohyun are my favorite singers. And they are called sweet potato couple. And the emotion between them are pure and sweet, which do not like other couples. And let me think about first lovers. Even they are not real, I hope they'll be good friends.

They were created for each other, really. Only blind people would say that it was just a show. Just look at their eyes when they look at each other. Thies eyes will tell you that they completely fell in love. I adore them. They are great

Goguma couple, you both indeed!
I like yong when he respect to seohyun habit, because this is first time seohyun near with boy. Love both. From seohyun I can learn about good habit as woman, :D love CNBLUE n SNSD

Yongseo couple is really the best. They really look perfect together. Both of them are wonderful people with lots of talents and unique personality. I would be really happy if the become real couple. Fighting goguma

I am happy to see this vote where people can express how much they love their couples. To me, YongSeo is the best example of the first time lovers. Their eyes speak stronger than any words. Nobody knows exactly what is going on except the related parties, but we have any right to support our favorite couple without bashing others. Please show our favorites that we are the fans that they can be proud of. <3 forever YongSeo <3 forever Goguma.

They are a sweet couple.. Although its only a reality show, but we can feel their emotions and their truth feeling.. Hope them can be a real couple.. 1st couple that I have seen so real and so sweet..