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21 No Eul - Rainbow
22 Park Jiyeon - TAra
23 Krystal Jung - F(x)

She is cute and nice

24 Victoria Song - Fx
25 Park Bom - 2NE1

I really love Bom. She looks like a real life doll.

She has the best personality especially when she was caught on 2ne1 T.V. eating corn. :) Park Bom is the best! - kpopcraze

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26 Tiffany - SNSD Tiffany - SNSD

Tiffany is the best and no one is better than her except for taeyeon Taeny fighting

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27 Han Suhwa - Secret
28 CL - 2NE1 CL - 2NE1

Her rap and vocals are both great, her personality is also very good! CL-roo deserves to be in a higher rank

29 Yura - Girls Day

Most beautiful in every way and great dancer.

30 UEE - After School
31 Alice - Hello Venus
32 J.L. - S.O.S.
33 Jia- miss a

Beautiful and all rounded girl

34 Kim Hyoyeon - Girls Generation

She is the best dancer and is not the worst singer either.

35 Eunji - A Pink V 1 Comment
36 Gyuri - Kara

She is more as an adult, however she is the best looking idol

37 Irene - Red Velvet

She is really good at raping and super pretty. Her group just started and they are one of the biggest groups of the moment already.

38 Jeon Ji Yoon - 4Minute
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