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21 2AM
22 BTS/Bangtan Boys

Extremely talented, young, creative boys who aspire to create quality music and focus on problems of society. They have outstanding, mastered dancing skills and are incredibly talented for their youth. They have a fresh mind and kind heart as well as warm personalities many can look up to. With 7 members, Rapmonster, Jin, Suga, Jhope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, they are extremely close to each other and are a very good example for young minds to look up to for collaboration and cooperation. With such hard work and sincerity, they have 2 daesungs, 1 BMA, and 46 more awards and 76 more nominations, they have earned a very high population of fans and followers, as well as recognition from western celebrities and various artists. They are very unique as they focused on western music first, and then on Korea. As it has been 4 years of their debut, they have achieved more than many of the groups these days and are really exceeding. They are a group that are shining very bright. You really know ...more

I really love them and their songs.. every time that they have a new song I always sing and memorize it even it's too hart to.

They do their work seriously and although the they are not from big company they did the best work I have ever seen

BTS or 방탄소년단 consists 7 people that are talented in so many ways such as dancing, composing, drawing, sports and many other things that create actually good songs. They are one of the rare kpop groups who deserves their popularity not because of their looks but because of their extremely great songs. They also have many fans over their looks and cuteness but I believe that being a TRUE idol starts with great songs. If we look at the accuracy their MV views are really successful too. Since the technology is getting better day by day, unlike past people prefer using online music sources like Spotify and itunes over albums since its cheaper. That is why I don't find the number of albums sold a great way of comparing. Another thing is they were the FIRST kpop group ever to enter to a major American music award. And they didn't just got invited but they also won an award which was also a proof of success. I respect other groups successes but I am honestly saying that since some ...more

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23 Boyfriend
24 U Kiss

I know that UKISS might not be at the top, that's only because they haven't had the attention like other kpop groups... But trust me, you'll LOVE them! They're can speak and MANY DIFFERENT LANGUAGES AND STILL BE FLUENT! I don't know about you... But be a Kissme! You HAVE to watch their variety shows, and you'll LOVE them! :D They work SO hard, and they haven't gotten the attention that they deserved!

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25 B.A.P

They are the best group for me. They are talented and handsome. They opened the door of kpop to me. I've always loved them. Their voices and talents. If you ever listen to B.A. P you will love them forever.

26 Shinhwa

The only group who has been standing strong for 14 years, without any members left or dropped out or kicked out.

The only group who has changed its management company 3 times without breaking up or changing members.

The only group who has different agencies to manage group activity and members' solo activities without any disruption to their group activity.

Shinhwa may not be #1 in everything but they managed to stay together for 14 years with its original members

Always remained as a LEGEND

27 Kara

Kara the picture perfect ideal girl idol group. Five beautiful and talented girls that try their best to please the eyes ears and hearts of everyone.

Kara so cute and very talent.


Funniest and talented group!

29 Boys Generally Asian
30 F.T. Island

FT Island is really awesome. With their looks, talents, and personalities, I can say that they are the best. They don't care about their image, instead they just express themselves. They support each other on their careers. That's why I love being a Primadonna. And I never regret being one.

These guys are amazing! They're not your typical kpop boyband. And different is definitely good and these guys are incredible at what they do. I seriously recommend that you try them!
Primadonna and proud :D

F.T.island is the best

You are the best group.i love you so much.lee jae jin oppa love you

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31 Seventeen

I just love Seventeen. They make such awesome music videos. And I like Jeonghan's hair that is the same as Kuruko Basketball's Murusakibara. Vernon is so handsome :). I prefer Jun for long-haired.

33 GOT7

They are all great in dancing. Some kpop group members don't know how to dance but Got7 is so awesome

Best group...they deserve to be in the top...each and every song they sing is THE them...and please support got 7...

Love you got 7

Got7 you best

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34 AOA V 1 Comment
35 BtoB

BtoB is a lovely group.
I feel that they are underrated GREATLY.
The aren't afraid to derp or make ugly faces.
They are also very hilarious.
I hope that they'll get more recognized later

They are so talented but I don't know why people don't recognize them.. hope our fandom becomes bigger.. MELODY HWAITING! BTOB JJANG!

36 24k
37 Sechs Kies

SNSD taetiseo the best sub unit! Their vocals are the best!

39 S.E.S. (Sea Eugene Shoo)
40 Busker Busker
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