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21 Listen to Your Head

This was released on the best of album called souvenir, guess that's why not many have heard it, if they had it would be in the top 5 easy

Love it, my personal favorite, but in any case should definitely make top 5

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22 Love's Not a Competition (But I'm Winning)

One of the best Kaiser Chiefs songs in my eyes, under rated and under played

Such an underrated song, should be in the top ten at least

23 My Life

This should be on top 10 at least! Great song.

This is one of my favorite songs

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24 You Can Have It All
25 Ruffians On Parade
26 Hole in My Soul
27 Tomato In the Rain

The award-winning drama, based on a true story, of the worlds bravest tomato. From small beginnings in a local farm, to the presidency. An epic tale directed by 6 time Academy Award winners the Kaiser Chiefs.

Saw this in the cinema two weeks ago. Simply blown away by the stunning performances and would recommend to everyone to go watch

28 The Factory Gates
29 Bows & Arrows V 1 Comment
30 You Want History

This song is underrated

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31 Parachute
32 Born to Be a Dancer
33 On the Run V 1 Comment
34 Heard It Break
35 Man On Mars V 1 Comment
36 What Did I Ever Give You?
37 Cannons

Love this song! Save our souls! Show us the way back home!

38 Like It Too Much V 1 Comment
39 Falling Awake

This is from their latest album. Its an amazing song! Definitely worthy of being in top 5.

Amazing song that has me falling awake all the time

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40 Time Honoured Tradition
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