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21 12 Gauge
22 Like a Slave
23 Pikemaster
24 Wolves On the Throne

The best song from their new album Has such an evil haunting melody.

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25 Cloned Insanity
26 Outremer

Outremer is the best song of Kalmah in my opinion. I used to hear the song every time when I was about to appear any exams. The variation of music and the keyboard work is too awesome in this song.

27 Kill the Idealist

This Is the best song of this guys, I think It must be first in list, I just love this song and can listen it over and over

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28 Hook the Monster
29 For the Revolution
30 Bird of Ill Omen

One of the best metal riffs I've ever heard, and the drums in the intro and outro are godly. I never knew it was possible to even play that fast. Brilliant song and definitely one of their best.

One of kalmahs best songs and a definitive melodic death metal song. Epic!

31 Hollow Heart


32 Dance of the Water

This one should be in the Kalmah top 1 slow bpm songs. And I think it's the best (melodic) intro solo of their whole disco

33 Time Takes Us All

The lyrics are amazing and the music is epic. I like how this song has more growling than high pitched screaming. The intro = mind blowing.

34 One From the Stands

Very underrated. It was the first song that caught my attention. I just can't stop listing to it, and feel that it is already a song I with favor when it comes to this band. Though I have not listened to all of the songs within this list, I know for certain this will remain a favorite.

35 Deadfall

Can't believe this one was not even in the list... I thought everything after the black waltz was a joke, but this song changed my mind, just listen to it once and vote for it!

36 Hollo
37 Tordah
38 Swampwar
39 Windlake Tale
40 Black Roija
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