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1 Center of the Universe

Great keyboards, catchy vocals and beautiful piano and guitar solo in the middle!

Epic, as a reference of the title of the album. This song has everything, but I like most is that the inspiration is the Faust of Goethe

Oh yes have to agree this song and the entire album gets murdered everyday on my iPod followed by Black Halo. Karma etc

"Show me a sign of paradise..." that part alone is 10points. But Karma is also deserved number 1 alongside with Forever.

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2 March of Mephisto

the first song by Kamelot I head. I immediately loved them, and this song continues to be my favorite. Purely awesome! Great structure, vocals, riffs, etc.

One of the darker songs by this band. Mephisto, (a demon sung by Shagrath) tries to seduce Ariel (a human man sung by Kahn) by tempting him with a woman who resembles Ariel's dead lover, and Ariel almost falls under his spell.

One of the best songs in the power (melodic prog ) metal scenes, great guitar performance, epic keyboards and Roy Khan's and shagrath's voices are very awesome!

I simply never get tired of this song. I checked in iTunes and I've listened to this song 512 times! It's like the more I listen to it the more I like it!

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3 The Haunting (Somewhere in Time)

Simone and Khan are epic together. It's a pity that Simone seems more like a guest singer in this song (to be fair she is but I wished it was something along the vein of House on a Hill where she'd actually sing her own verses). Other than that minor gripe, the album version is amazing in its own right, but the live version on One Cold Winters Night takes that up a notch. A must listen and watch!

This song is simply amazing and addictive. Simones voice adds a special sounding to this song. The music is amazing as always, Kamelot at their best!

This song is purely awesome. The first song by Kamelot I head
Very good riff and the solo itself a great & great vocal pattern I ever head. Kamelot is one of my best band. Keep rocking kamelot.

It's a very difficult decision choosing JUST one song to be their best.
Simone and Khan have great harmony throughout the song and the guitar and keyboards are incredible.
Definitely one of, if not, their best songs.

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4 Karma

First song I ever heard of them, I loved it the very first seconds, great intro! Love the band since then...

Lyrics - wonderful, great guitars!

Karma is an absolute classic when it comes to power metal.

Best song ever, Awesome Lyrics, Awesome Music

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5 Ghost Opera

I think this is their best song, You can hear the arrangment in this one much better than in any of the others

By far, best from Kamelot. Never get tired of listening.

I love the instrumental ;]


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6 When the Lights are Down

The best song of Kamelot

How is this not a top 10? Between the fast paced guitar, the amazing bass line, and the kick ass catchy lyrics there is no way it should be in 14th. I am personally offended that this song is not higher up on the list.

Where's the love for this song?!?! It's their most rapid and instrumentally powerful song, it is awesome. This is where they earn their title as a power-metal band.

How is this not one of the top 10 is way beyond me! This should be one of the top 5 along with Karma!

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7 Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)

Best Kamelot Sony made to date.

This is the best Kamelot song by far. It should be in the top.

This song is epic! How can it be this low? It deserves to be in the top five somewhere with Ghost opera and Karma, these songs kick a$$

I love this song! I believe this should shoot to the top of the list!

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8 Soul Society

Some of the best vocals Roy ever produced for Kamelot. The strings and rifts are, simply put, epic. It has a very Iron Maiden feel to the song and that is a complement of the highest regard

Deep lyrics, Powerful Riffing and Strings, just an all around amazing song from the best power metal band.

I repeat this song daily, cause its magnificent & super song which can't be forgotten!

In the Dark we are the same!

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9 Moonlight

Beautiful atmospheric piano intro, which builds into an extremely groovy and catchy song - great performance by the whole band! - petrucci75hammet

This song has become my fourteenth all-time favorite song. - 906389

I love this arrangement

Another great song on The Black Halo!

Moonlight is a catchy Kamelot song that is heavily driven by vocals and interludes with woodwind intstruments. Give it a good listen, it seems to be underrated at the moment!

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10 Memento Mori

Unquestionably their best song, brilliantly formatted (kind of like a Billy Joel song), and the entire range of Kamelot’s music, from hard hitting fast paced power metal to serene and haunting ballads.

Not just Kamelot's best, but the best song I have ever heard.

Pure gorgeousness. The only Kamelot song that gives me goosebumps, although Prodigal Son is getting there, too.

In my humble opinion this is their best song. It's long,epic, with haunting melodies and lyrics. 10/10

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11 Forever

Greatest song ever!

I have to agree that the live version is amazing... After that am I the only who have noticed those breathtaking lyrics and feel them into my heart with the voice of the amazing Roy Khan

The song's got a momenta, that only increases till the end. The guitar work is phenomenal so is the voice backing up the instruments. So much energetic and its like a Power Metal's Dream song. Should be far up!

Ugh, its just an amazing song, the live version from cold winter's night is the reason this should be the top song on this list

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12 Wings of Despair

Damn, This is one the best songs of Kamelot. I don't know why this is at so bottom. Some people just want to watch the world burn!

AWESOME SONG, Simply love the vocals, and the Guitar so CHILL! Ahh. Every time I listen to the solo, it gives me the Chills.

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13 Serenade

The happiest song from a concept album about loss and immorality.
It also has some hella good guitars and that classic line which conveys the whole theme of the albums:

"What does the winter bring, if not yet another spring."

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14 The Black Halo

Chooon...that is all

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15 The Human Stain

The first song I heard from kamelot, the lyrics are a bit hard to make out at first but their effect is powerful and passionate, this is still my favorite song by far and I can't help but sing along

The lyrics to this song are amazing and deep! The music is also beautiful and haunting. One of their songs that has greatly impacted me.

Amazing music, great lyrics.

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16 Love You to Death

What a great track, and sooo sadd!

I liked pop songs. Then I listened to Kamelot's Love you to death. It literally changed my life. Thanks to it now I listen to pure music. I think it is simply perfect.

Although not my favorite, this song deserves a much higher position. The vocals are awesome, it has touching lyrics and the guitar solo speaks for itself.

This is one of the Better songs of Kamelot with great lyrics, vocals and composition... One of the most accessible songs of this band, instantly likable.

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17 Lunar Sanctum

Very particular song, the melody is haunting.

Different enough to warrant a listen. Very good song.

The first song I heard of Kamelot and loved it

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18 Abandoned

This song is PHENOMENAL! The emotion, the articulation, the dynamic, and the passion. This song truly stirs and moves the soul. I never tire of listening to it.

This is one of the songs that listen to the loudest on my iPod, next to Numb, but I could never tire of this song equivalent of a Picasso.

Abandoned is a show of how great Khan is, he can sing great metal, but this isn't metal, and he sings it equally as well.

I can't believe it is that low!

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20 My Therapy
21 The Fourth Legacy

This song was one of the few first songs I have ever heard from the power metal genre. The chorus is very emotional and easy to follow. Hard to misheard lyrics as well. Perhaps not the "best" song since they have many others good ones.

I think it should get the 1st spot this song is awesome... The symphonic music and the catchy power metal vocals... - nooreldeen

This song is the only true song. This song is a real metal song. It was a true love of mine. No, it is!

It's a powerful song. It is fast and it has an excellent solo.

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22 Poetry for the Poisoned UListen to Sample
23 Nothing Ever Dies

For me, that is the Best of whole Kamelot and Metal World.

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24 Rule the World

When I heard this song I was blown! Really powerful song! Listen and enjoy!

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25 Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy)

One of the best songs ever made. Every single part of this song is pure gold

26 A Sailorman's Hymn

Melody at its best... One of the best kamelot songs of all time..!

A beautiful song. the music is really touchful

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27 Nights of Arabia UListen to Sample
28 Silverthorn UListen to Sample
29 Across the Highlands

I'm not a fan of kamelot but come on.
How can this one be the last one on the list
One of two songs that actually like from kamelot.
(Fourth legacy is the other one)

I just don't see how it is the last one on the list.

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30 Under Grey Skies

This makes me cry for some reason but its one of my favorites

Call me a dreamer, call me a fool, this one should be in the top 10

The 1st song I've listened by Kamelot and I Love it

But I dieee for that someone, in the blink of an eyeee.
This song is marvelous.

31 Insomnia

The chorus of this song has to be one of the best I've ever heard. It's my favorite off the newest album.

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32 Ashes to Ashes UListen to Sample
33 Liar Liar

Why is this one not in the top 5 or the top 10?

Definitely one of the better songs on the album, (which is a great album! )

Ridiculous. Amazing

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34 Torn

For me its the best song in the album..

Kamelot have a lot of fantastic songs; choosing one will always be a difficult task, so I am choosing a song I think deserves to advance on this list.

"Torn" is my favourite song from their most recent effort, "Silverthorn". It has all the hallmarks of a kickass Kamelot song. Tommy Karevick really proves he was the best choice to replace Roy as lead, both on this song and all throughout the album.

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35 Hunter's Season

Just amazing! Longing to see it live once...
Perfect symbiosis of nice arrangements, a perfect voice and a feeling like being right in the middle of an epic Kamelot-concert.

Gus G enough said.

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36 The Shadow of Uther

Love this song! But the shadow of Uther restrains all the efforts to reunite the realm! Part of this song scared me no seriously..., deep in the woods there are prints in the sand! I MEAN THAT SOUNDS CREEPY! But I have found prints in the creek sand in my wood. HUMAN prints. I am scared. Thanks.

37 My Confession

It's a happy song

My Confession should be first. It is the best song of Kamelot. But it is my oppinion - tilasmake

The bestt greeat song

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38 The Zodiac UListen to Sample
39 Lost and Damned

This one is just perfect in everyways.

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40 Descent of the Archangel UListen to Sample
41 Elizabeth I: Mirror, Mirror

Amazing, epic, too often overlooked and very underrated masterpiece.

I have to agree with the others about being surprised. I'm a huge fan and love almost the entire discography but Elizabeth is one of a few especially standout songs. Incredible historically-based work of art; in all aspects it's about as well-done as it could possibly be, but the real point is it best showcases Kamelot as a whole so if I were to play one song for someone who doesn't know the band this would be it.

One of their best songs. Perfect vocal, music and it's long. Should be in top 10 at least.

I'm shocked this isn't higher. The three songs individually hold their own, but when listened to together as they are supposed to be, the progression, story and emotion behind this song is one of the greatest works of art I've ever heard. This should be blowing Rule the World and A Sailorman's Hymn out of the water - it should at least be in the top 10.

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42 Citizen Zero
43 Until Kingdom Come

Easily one of their best. My personal favorite

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44 Prodigal Son

Reminds me of the first time my mother went to the hospital, this song is tied to that very chaotic day, makes me want to cry.

Probably one or the better songs i�'ve head in a while, fell in love with it instantly. Its long, epic, beautiful, and pure awesome. He sings from his soul. I admit its not the typical "kamelot song" but its definitely good, I love Kamelot and all of their song but this stands out the most.

If you close your eyes to this one I guarantee it will be a transcendental experience.

What? How can this song be so low, 38? Ok, it's always be a difficult task to vote the best song from a band that actually have no single bad song, but this song should deserve a better rating than this, vote for it, please... !

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45 Solitaire

Can't believe this song isn't even on this list. It's their first song I head and the one I loved the most. Should be in the top 10.

Should be in top ten of course

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46 III Ways to Epica

"I am defected from God, So low redemption's too far. She's the one that I love, and she tore me apart..." Just this four lines hits like a ton of bricks... This song deserves better in this list.

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47 Necropolis

Purely Amazing, I can't believe this is not up there with the top ten together with Edge Of Paradise!

To me it's the best of kamelot

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48 Veritas

The best composers/singers/bands try to experiment and push the boundaries of their music. I felt that this is Kamelot trying to push theirs and I say, its unique, chilling, and damn refreshing. I'd like to have them make many more of this type of music.

There's still some pretty cool songs on their lastest album, this one is definitely one of those.

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49 Anthem

Anthem is the best song ever recorded. It was acctually written by Khan for his baby. "But I do know this, ill be the best I can". Come on! These lyrics are simply moving, Kamelot's peak in their musical career. I guess there will never be a song like this, with its sensibility and passion. I can only think of "Abandoned" as only rival, but "Anthem" is even better than that. I always cry when I listen to this little piece of heaven.

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50 Up Through the Ashes

Can't believe I have to add this one myself, this is the one of extreme heaviness and pure epic.

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