Best Kannada Movies of All Time

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The Top Ten Best Kannada Movies of All Time

1 Bangarada Manushya

This is the movie that inspired me the most! Since then I have watched hundreds of English movies in the United States (and Hindi movies), but none have changed my mind!

No one create never and before, this is the best film and number 1 film for all time

Nothing much is there to share. More values are there in the film. Each and every value can be incorporated in our lives

Definitely top Kannada movie of great Dr. Rajkumar, this movie inspired thousands of urban people to take up agriculture at that period and even today many villagers worship Rajkumar for this movie.

2 Naagarahaauvu (1972)

One of the greatest movie I ever seen in kannada,

Always all time top movie in kannada

Best movie in Kannada movie industry

Vishnu.. We miss U.. - ajaypandith

3 Milana

Best & beautiful movie with super & simple story

Awesome acting by puneeth rajkumar, great movie

Best and best movie I like so so... Too much

The number 1 movie in Kannada Film industry

4 Sangolli Rayanna

The film is very good Darshan has also acted in the same way... But I like the real rayanna I those days...


Its an epic movie

Number 1 history created movie in sandalwood Darshan sir plays very well acting in this movie the film climax is ultimate every one love this movie all time record movie one & only Sangolli Rayanna...!

5 Mata

See it.. Its compared in a high level

Good message for people

A very good movie. A must watch. The movie has all the elements present in a life with a meaning.

It is awesome movie, director has brought very valuable things in a comic manner. It is amazing

6 Mungaru Male

It is the best movie that ever made in all fields man awesome movie

Its a ever green love story...
This movie make a world record.. (this movie is 1year running in PVR Theater.worlds fist movie)

Has one of the most deepest elements to love that is superficial to the viewers at first sight...
Delight to re witness Ganesh's emotional acting once again!

Ian telugu people I love very much this movie.

7 Om

This Movie Should be in 1st position still running successfully after 17years

This is the all time top movie

What! OM A UPENDRA should be in top 5 list list is total crap... these movies made kannada movie world famous

Its ultimate movie made by upendra

8 Kempe Gowda

Sudeep is a king of all heros

Sudeep is the good actor

Sudeep is the most talented hero in kannada film industry

Is best movie for

9 Arasu

Puneeth who gave a great respect for a friendship:-)

Wonder full story of Kannada film industry

Wow Super Story Nam Boss Movie

One of the best kannada film arasu

10 Eddelu Manjunatha

Nice family entertainment movie and good msg for society

In this film we learn so much

Dabbar movie


The Contenders

11 Jogi

Jogi is wonderful sentiment movie

Awesome movie I will not forget this movie because mother sentiment

My favorite movie in kannada

Not bad, average movie

12 Yajamana

Natural acting by everyone, vishnu sir acted simply superb with his simplicity and honesty.

One of the great movie...ever seen

Nice family entertainment film

It's tells the holiness of relationship

13 Duniya

Number one movie in kannada film indrustry

Very nice please don't miss your life lover

Super film mother sentiment love sentiment

Super love sentiment and mother sentiment movie

14 Paramathma

Natural acting.. Climax makes me cry.. Wonderful feel to watch this movie.. - ajaypandith

The best husband and wife emotional movie

D pure love is reflected which is heart touching with climax

Wonderful acting

15 Gaja

Darshan is a very good of sandalwood industry

The best ever green film the best movie for kannada

Kannada industry no1 film this movie

It's a superhit movie in kannada film industry I really liked movie and it's so really superb

16 Muttina Haara

The location of the movie was superb... And vishnu's acting was also super

It is the only classic made kannada film history

It's the most exhilarating film ever made in Kannada

Excellent movie on army life

17 Amruthavarshini

This is all time musical hit movie


Super climax and beautiful song

Very good movie

18 Galipata

I would call this is the best movie ever made.. Ganesh, Rajesh and Diganth seems to have put all their effort that max they can. And amazing locations too...

Awesome direction and superb casting... Perfect movie..

One of the best movie made in kannada on friend ship

My favourite movie always

19 Manasa Sarovara

One of the notable movie of kannada cinema..

Great movie by puttanna.. - ajaypandith

Manasa Sarovara is one of the greatest movie by Puttanna Kangal. Songs, location, acting, story everthying is amazing. This movie has to be in the top ten list of best movies of all time.

Great direction by puttanna kangal

20 Lucia

Very different genre of movie. Very interesting too. I wish to see more movies ‚Äčlike this from sandalwood.

Ultimate movie and great thinking

Lucia's non-linear script is one of the best I have watched. It's a breakthrough in Sandalwood.

Mind blowing... A movie that can bring Kannada movie to international standards... (not kidding! )

21 Googly

One of the superb movie

Love spin googly movie best movie

Man it should be somewhere in top 10

Googly is nice picture I am seen in the year of 2013 picture and I like it very much and songs are nice of googly.

22 Ugramm

One of the Best movies in this industry

Tight screenplay and impressive background score makes this movie to stand among all time great

Solid entertaining movie simply awesome...

Super Gangstar Movie Roaring Star Roaring Hit

23 Vishnuvardhana

Awesome twists and entertaining.

It is film which remembers a name of vishnuvardhana super film

Strong title nice film

Best movi in that time 5 star

24 My Autograph

It is very Heart touching movie

My favorite movie

In olden days memory was very beautiful good acting sudeep sir

Its remember our olden days. Thanks to Kiccha Sudeep for remembering our old days

25 Pancharangi

I like this move because I like the place & hero speaking kannada words.

I too like the beach side location and diganths acting in it

Most of the peoople dint get wt's there in this movie.. But this is extremely good.. Yograj's best movie.. Best movie in the world.. Small concept.. Great fil.M.. Dint get bored even 1 second.. Vote if you like it.. Ee movie na nodi artha madkolakku ond talent beku! - ajaypandith

26 Veera Madakari

Fantastic acting and directed by sudeeo

It name's say kiccha was super

Such a good one by sudeep

Good movie

27 Bhagyada Laxmi Baramma

Really it is very good movie, so nice, guys you all can watch this movie again and again. You'll not get bored only such a movie

O my god! I've watched it so many times but I still laugh so much as if I am seeing it for the first time.

The best comedy movie

I liked the story

28 Suntaragali

Awesome acting challenging star Darshan

It is the big movie in history of sandalwood.

Natural acting

Greatest acting fighting challengeing star darshan

29 America America

Awesome movie I ever watched, everybuddy must see movie

One of the best movie I ever watched.

No 3 kannada list


30 Mayura

One of my favorite.. This is 300 times better than songolli..

Nice movie

Super movie

No other historic movies in the world can match to this movie.
Saidappa Bhajantri

31 Kasturi Nivasa

Super epic movie

Really superb Raj kumar acting..which I never see from any body

A must see films for all. challenge if you don't cry at the end.

Kasturi Nivasadavru Yavathu Kottiro Kai Super Movie Kannada Biggest Blockbuster Movie & Colour Version Movie 2014 Super Hit Jai Dr."Rajkumar" Kannada the Devaru

32 Upendra

One of the superb movie

Incredible 63 costumes in one movie to one hero is the one movie with world record... Japanese found it on rerelease on 1 Jan 2000

Its not movie its wonder of our life mirror...

This is what makes you next movie in any language... He makes you fan with one shot... He is God and he is great

33 Mussanje Maathu

Musical hit film

Very good message for all lovers kiccha rocke's

34 Gajakesari

It is one of the top best movie of rocking star yash

King of kannada films

Different love you yash

His fights are awesome

35 Bandhana

Vishnu sir is such a superstar in kannada industry we miss him a lot...

Nice film in kannada

Never like a film like this

From number 1 to 10 vishnu was king of kannada cinema

36 Gooly

One of the different thinking of director to scrap the heroines face in the climax and showed the true emotion and respect to love in India

Its an epic movie! Best movie of all time

This movie super in kannada

Sudeep was always gooly songs was very good

37 Katari Veera Surasundarangi

This is a stupid movie. please take this movie off the list

It. S great successes for kannada industry

Super uppiii star maker himself


38 Chakravyuha
39 Bhoothaiyyana Maga Ayyu

A screen chapter of life

Greatest movie ever...

40 Nammoora Mandara Hoove

Super Movie I Love Shiva rajkumar


Nice story and screenplay...

Ramesh super acting

41 Prema Raaga Haadu Gelathi
42 Shankar Guru

I love padma priya

Super 1st Kannada Movie threeble Acting Movie Jai Dr."Rajkumar" Boss

I am a die heart fan of padmapriya... I love her a lot... If anyone knows Abt her... Please give information by sending msg on Facebook (padmapriya old actress)

43 Daari Tappida Maga

Super acting by Dr raj Kumar no one can touch him

I like movie every time


Super Super Nam Boss Acting Nodoke Chanda Jai Dr."Rajkumar"

44 Babruvahana

Super movie darshan

Awesomw acting by raj sir

Super Arjuna Vs Babruvahana Screen Mele Nodoke Ananda SUper Movie Nam Devrudu Jai Dr."Rajkumar"

45 Satya Harishchandra

Very good massage..

Super Super Nam Boss Acting Kaliyugada Satya Harishchandra
Jai Dr."Rajkumar"

46 Ondu Muttina Kathe

Technical number 1 all time

Evergreen movie

Super Movie Atthi Aase Gathi Kedu Antha E Movie Nodi Kalibeku Jai Dr."Rajkumar" Super Acting.

47 Varadanayaka

Sudeep in a police actor and songs are all nice.

Very good police sudeep always REAL POLICE very good acting

Kiccha sudeep is best in this movie and I like it very much movie and songs are super. I like it very much movie and songs are good.

48 RangiTaranga

I heard about movie it was nice cinema biography picture, and screening also fabulous nice I saw it's was true very good movie

Awesome movie with suspense thriller.

I think this should be one among the top three..

Nice family movie nice making

49 Bhakta Pralhada

What a movie... Enjoy it even today

Evergreen movie... Fantastic acting by punith rajkumar

Great acting from dr raj sir and puneeth sir

Super Super Nam Boss Acting
Jai Dr."Rajkumar" & Power Star "Puneeth Rajkumar"

50 Mr. Airavata

Super film in kannada industry

Utter Flop Movie

Good message to society

One of the Branded movie in Kannada industry...
Awesome stylist at Darshan.

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