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1 Bangarada Manushya

This is the movie that inspired me the most! Since then I have watched hundreds of English movies in the United States (and Hindi movies), but none have changed my mind!

No one create never and before, this is the best film and number 1 film for all time

Nothing much is there to share. More values are there in the film. Each and every value can be incorporated in our lives

A must watch movie

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2 Naagarahaauvu (1972)

One of the greatest movie I ever seen in kannada,

Always all time top movie in kannada

Best movie in Kannada movie industry

One of the best movie in the world and
All must watch this movie and histry...

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3 Sangolli Rayanna

The film is very good Darshan has also acted in the same way... But I like the real rayanna I those days...


Its an epic movie

Good movie

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4 Milana

Best & beautiful movie with super & simple story

Awesome acting by puneeth rajkumar, great movie

Best and best movie I like so so... Too much

Very good movie.. with good script, direction, acting and songs...

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5 Mungaru Male

It is the best movie that ever made in all fields man awesome movie

Its a ever green love story...
This movie make a world record.. (this movie is 1year running in PVR Theater.worlds fist movie)

Ian telugu people I love very much this movie.

Deserve to be in top

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6 Mata

See it.. Its compared in a high level

Good message for people

A very good movie. A must watch. The movie has all the elements present in a life with a meaning.

Super movie

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7 Om

This Movie Should be in 1st position still running successfully after 17years

This is the all time top movie

What! OM A UPENDRA should be in top 5 list list is total crap... these movies made kannada movie world famous

Supper real story and very nice songs and I like uppi sir

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8 Kempe Gowda

Sudeep is a king of all heros

Sudeep is the good actor

Sudeep is the most talented hero in kannada film industry

Best movie and sudeep acting fantastic

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9 Arasu

Puneeth who gave a great respect for a friendship:-)

Wonder full story of Kannada film industry

Wow Super Story Nam Boss Movie

Very good story

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10 Eddelu Manjunatha

Nice family entertainment movie and good msg for society

In this film we learn so much

Dabbar movie


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11 Jogi

Jogi is wonderful sentiment movie

Awesome movie I will not forget this movie because mother sentiment

My favorite movie in kannada

This type of movie should come again

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12 Duniya

Number one movie in kannada film indrustry

Very nice please don't miss your life lover

Super film mother sentiment love sentiment

Super love sentiment and mother sentiment movie

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13 Yajamana

Natural acting by everyone, vishnu sir acted simply superb with his simplicity and honesty.

One of the great movie...ever seen

Nice family entertainment film

It's tells the holiness of relationship

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14 Paramathma

Natural acting.. Climax makes me cry.. Wonderful feel to watch this movie.. - ajaypandith

The best husband and wife emotional movie

D pure love is reflected which is heart touching with climax

Natchuaral film

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15 Gaja

Darshan is a very good of sandalwood industry

The best ever green film the best movie for kannada

Kannada industry no1 film this movie

It's a superhit movie in kannada film industry I really liked movie and it's so really superb

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16 Muttina Haara

The location of the movie was superb... And vishnu's acting was also super

It is the only classic made kannada film history

It's the most exhilarating film ever made in Kannada

Excellent movie on army life

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17 Galipata

I would call this is the best movie ever made.. Ganesh, Rajesh and Diganth seems to have put all their effort that max they can. And amazing locations too...

Awesome direction and superb casting... Perfect movie..

One of the best movie made in kannada on friend ship


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18 Amruthavarshini

This is all time musical hit movie

Super climax and beautiful song

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19 Manasa Sarovara

One of the notable movie of kannada cinema..

Manasa Sarovara is one of the greatest movie by Puttanna Kangal. Songs, location, acting, story everthying is amazing. This movie has to be in the top ten list of best movies of all time.

This movie is based on the tragedy of the own life of Puttanna Kangal. The songs are beautiful and the storyline is tocuhing.

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20 Lucia

Ultimate movie and great thinking

Lucia's non-linear script is one of the best I have watched. It's a breakthrough in Sandalwood.

Mind blowing... A movie that can bring Kannada movie to international standards... (not kidding! )

Very much innovative thinking.

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