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61 Drama

One of the best movie in 2012

It is very comic movie of yash

Yash look as awesome

It's a super movie and cassy movie

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62 Ninnindale

A different movie done by appu this movie fills confidence in us appu acting is awesome

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63 Ulidavaru Kandante

Excellent Movies, Great concept

Good try.

Epic movie.. great direction by rakshith shetty.. all time favorite movie..Yes it is "UK"

Different movie in Kannada movie industry... great direction,nice script, and songs, and the huli vesha was superb... great acting & dance by rakshith shetty.. please guys vote for this movie - nishanthj

64 Love In Mandya
65 Hebbuli

01 number movie

I didn't download this movie but it is good I am fan of sudip


Must watch film of kiccha boss as para cammando

66 Moggina Manasu

It gives a very good message to youths.

Super love story film I like Radika pandit act I like this film song

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67 Kotigobba

Super family entertainment film

Super movie. Vishnu Dada

Veeru butiful movie

68 Akkangi

Spelling mistake its not akkangi its EKANGI its awesome movie to the people who like to be alone always

Awesome movie... understanding when we deeply think about life.

Why you not addresed films like premaloka ranadhira hallimestru

Wonderful movie making by ravichandran.. songs also too good.

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69 Saarathi

Challenging star darshan sultan of box office Kannada industry darshan new life movie

Nice and good film kannada industry

Yen film guru super

Super movie

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70 Googly 2
71 Love Guru

Very memorable movie.superb.there is no word to express that feelings.

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72 Anna Bond

Worst movie, not entertaining etc...

73 Super

India after 30 tears.. excellent imagination

Best imagination by the best person of the industry

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74 Yaare Neenu Cheluve

It is one of wonderful love story

75 Bettada Hoovu

National Award Nam Boss "Puneeth Rajkumar"

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76 Naayi Neralu

Super movie of Naayi Neralu it is super awesome hero and herioes are good fight of this movie of Naayi Nearly.

77 Appu V 3 Comments
78 Beladingala Baale

Evergreen movie

79 Swathi Muthu

Boss acting ultimate

80 Divya Dilip V 1 Comment
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