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101 Navagraha V 5 Comments
102 Romeo V 2 Comments
103 Accident

One of the best movie in kannada by shankar nag.

104 Kiccha Huccha
105 Ranna

Ran na is a good movie and awesome movie and it is a good movie. Kiccha Sudeep - Rachita Raw and super combination and songs are super.

V 1 Comment
106 Jimmy Gallu

Vishnuvardan's acting is ultimate in this movie and other supporting actors as well.

Innocent man from village his circumstance made him to come to city and he become very big thief under new name

107 Inspector Vikram

Film dialogues and songs very good and good

108 Antha Antha

A wonderful movie that changed the cores of Indian cinema

109 Daasa V 3 Comments
110 Ninagoskara V 1 Comment
111 Cheluvina Chittara V 6 Comments
112 Maleyali Jotheyali
113 Ganeshana Maduve V 1 Comment
114 Premaloka

Wonder of Indian cinema

Super ever green

V 1 Comment
115 Upendra 2

Most expected movie of kannada industry

116 Bachchan

It is super movie and is fan static movie. Kiccha sudeep awesome in this movie and songs are awesome.

Awesome hero from kiccha Sudeep and director from Bachchan movie and fight of Kiccha Sudeep and next movie for the best luck for the Kiccha Sudeep.

V 2 Comments
117 Mr & Mrs Ramachari

The action and fights are superb

Gives a msg how the love will be and where we will misunderstand.

V 6 Comments
118 Masterpiece V 2 Comments
119 Aaptharakshaka V 1 Comment
120 Panchama Veda

One of the best movies in kannada movies

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