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1 Carry on Wayward Son

Supernatural Made this even more famous.

Absolutely the best. Period. I spent the 70s and early 80s spacing out to this song. Just close your eyes and let it take over. Moves you from the reality of the day to the fantasy of the momment.

I really love this song
Maybe because of Supernatural... I always see Sam and Dean in my head whenever I hear it.
Or it could be because of South Park, I loved that episode with Kyle and Stan as Guitar heroes

Their best song by far.

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2 Dust in the Wind

Hands down the most beautfiul song of Kansas. I found the band to be extremely mellow, but this song in particular made me feel respect towards them. - mickeyG94

Famous even here in Brasil and the whole South America

Very smart song people should start listening to real music and stop to listen to those crap

By far the best song of Kansas. An ode to the living that died and will die. Huge lyrics, unbeatable and true to the core. One of the rock songs of all time.

Pure amazement.

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3 Miracles Out of Nowhere

Hands down. This song is a lyrical masterpiece, and the instrumental is unprecedented. The break down at around 2:22 of the song is simply perfect. I love Kansas, and I love every song on this list, but this one for me, easily takes the cake.

This is one of those songs that makes me listen and listen again without getting tired... Just listen to that spectacular instrumental solo! AMAZING! - joxoko

Hands down the best Kansas song. Just listening to this song gives me goosebumps.

Amazing song from all aspects. Their best.

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4 Song for America

Most serious Kansas fans adore this song for the lyrics and amazing musical arrangements it comes from a great album

This Song has it all, incredible lush instrumental arrangements, insane vocal by Steve Walsh, and incredible lyrical content! for a serious Kansas fan, this gotta top the list!

Second best Kansas song

Awesome...I love this

5 Icarus (Borne On Wings of Steel)

Cannot believe this is not on here. The only song comparable to The Pinnacle

This song not only is THE best Kansas song but it is one of the best songs ever written as well

This song along with sparks of the tempest are the best I've found so far!

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6 Journey from Mariabronn

Their first album is unsurpassed in rock history. Every song on it is evidence of a band that's tight, knows what it's doing and is going places. This one masterpiece is overlooked because of its length, and the tunnel-vision enforced by radio play deprives most people of experiencing many of their greatest performances.

Truly an undiscovered prog masterpiece. If you only listen to Kansas's mainstream radio songs, then you are missing out majorly.

Great song, from their best album. Screw Left and Point.

7 Cheyenne Anthem

This song is just beautiful! The lyrics do an amazing job at making you feel really bad for the Native Americans when they were being forced out of their homelands. The instrumental section isn't anywhere near as flashy and technical as Magnum Opus, but it works.

One of the most realistic looks of how we treated the Native Americans making this a bittersweet piece.

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8 Closet Chronicles

The storytelling in this song is unequaled. I am sad to see it this low on the list.

9 Child of Innocence

Child of Innocence, along with all of the other songs from the first 3 albums, are among the most underrated songs of all time. Child of Innocence especially because of its awesome twin guitar intro, powerful lyrics, the screaming guitar solo, and beautiful outro.

10 Point of Know Return

Pretty great song, not getting much love.

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11 Apercu
12 The Pinnacle

This follow-up to Mysteries and Mayhem, the soliloquy of a once proud warrior, is the most amazing song in Kansas' discography. Carry on Wayward Son, Dust in the Wind, Magnum Opus, and so many of Kansas' others are magnificent songs but The Pinnacle transcends them all. It is everything that made Kansas great, it is everything that I loved about music as a young man.

This, is the number one song on this list. Kansas' ten minute masterpiece that displays vocal, violin, guitar and bass harmony. Excellent, but underrated. Much like Icarus (Borne on Wings of Steel)

This song is the pinnacle (pun intended) of Kansas progressive rock trajectory. A pure masterpiece through and through.

This song blows Carry on Wayward son and Dust in the wind away in my my opinion. Great vocals by Steve Walsh and AMAZING lyrics guitar playing by Kerry Livgren

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13 Lamplight Symphony

An under the radar gem from the song for America album. The progression of the instrumentation section is so great. It really does sound like a symphony, and the emotional shifts in the song are breathtaking. The sound is huge and epic then suddenly sad and subtle. It's incredible.

Great song, but like other Kansas songs besides Carry on Wayward Son and Dust in the Wind, this was overshadowed by other progressive rock bands with their songs which include Yes's Roundabout, King Crimson's Epitaph and Starless, Genesis's Supper's Ready, and Pink Floyd's Shine on you Crazy Diamond and Echoes.

One of the best Kansas songs I've heard.

14 Incomudro (Hymn to the Atman)

This and Lamplight Symphony should be higher. Song for America is the BEST Album by Kansas because it has the longest, most epic songs, like Song For America, Lamplight Symphony, and this. That, and IT HAS A DRUM SOLO IN IT!

15 A Glimpse of Home

Like really, listen to the orchestral format of this song. So amazing! Best of Monolith!

How is this lower than it takes woman's love? I mean, listen to the song! It's amazing!

Really great song, and the ending is just inconceivably amazing!

Here is my list

1. Lamplight Symphony
2. A Glimpse of Home
3. Miracles out of Nowhere
4. Carry on Wayward Son
5. Song for America

16 Questions of My Childhood
17 Curtain of Iron

How can this not be on the list?

18 Lightning's Hand

Shows the band's musical prowess in full.

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19 The Wall

This song says so much about obstacles in life. There is no loss when you get beyond the wall. And when you follow Christ, nothing is lost.

Simply perfect message in its lyrics. At the end he finds out that everything he needs to tear or set down the wall is inside himself, by finding self inner harmony.

Why don't people realise how good this is! It's such a good tune and deserves a top placing for sure - one of the best songs ever written - by any band.


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20 Portrait (He Knew)

Great song! Lots of time signatures and over all its worth listening to repeatedly.. lyrically has high quality range and meaning..

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