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21 It Takes a Woman's Love (To Make a Man)
22 Death of Mother Nature Suite
23 Magnum Opus: Father Padilla Meets the Perfect Gnat / Howling at the Moon / Man Overboard / Industry on Parade / Release the Beavers / Gnat Attack V 1 Comment
24 The Devil Game

Those lyrics mean so much that you can only understand if you sing along to the song, which is wonderful.

Phil Ehart grooves a great beat on this one. Kudos to Dave Hope for a fine contribution to one of my favorite albums.

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25 Nobody's Home

Great song why did I have to add this

26 Lonely Wind
27 Magnum Opus
28 Bells of Saint James
29 Hold On

Such a powerful song. - ConnorTheCritic

Love that song

30 Can I Tell You
31 No One Together

The band matured and this masterpiece of strong development, structure and modulation is by any measure out of the league of any other band.

32 What's on My Mind

Great song. Should be WAY higher.

33 Opus Insert
34 Paradox
35 Two Cents Worth V 1 Comment
36 People of the South Wind

Love this song. Wore it out on the jukebox in the shop bar.

A great song. Underrated jam no one remembers

Great one, why is it buried on the list?

37 On the Other Side

The best ever

38 Relentless

How can this be missing?

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39 All I Wanted

Such a good song that needs more recognition and I love this ballad hit of theirs

40 Power
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