Best Karmin Songs


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1 Brokenhearted
2 Crash Your Party
3 Grenade
4 Acapella

I love this song it's the best it should be the number 1 with a crown

One of my favourite songs


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5 Hello

It is the karmin song.. It deserve to be in the top 3.. Great rap done by the girl.. Vote more

6 Look at Me Now
7 Tonight (I'm Lovin You)
8 Jar of Hearts
9 Forget You
10 I Need a Doctor

The Contenders

11 6 Foot 7 Foot
12 Whip My Hair
13 In the End
14 No Flex Zone

Given the song they were covering, and my previous history with Karmin, I expected the worst, but had a little higher hopes thanks to the talented George Watsky being on board. What did I get?

I think I got one of the best rap songs ever created. This is a 5/5 no question. - WonkeyDude98

15 The Man Who Can't Be Moved
16 Drifter
17 Didn't Know You

Their best song BY FAR. They totally reinvented themselves for good. - JustListen

18 Gasoline
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Top Remixes

1. Brokenhearted
2. Acapella
3. Hello
1. Brokenhearted
2. Crash Your Party
3. Grenade



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