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1 My Twin

Great song... A sheer piece of art...

I heard the opium dub version first. and then I got to hear the original. Such a great song - Arafat58


Deserves To Be #1

2 Endtime
3 July
4 12
5 The Future of Speech
6 Evidence

Just great music. The last part just sticks in your brain - Arafat58

7 In the White

Some kind of ASUM!

8 Wealth
9 Serac
10 Idle Blood

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11 Liberation

Beautiful! Love the subtle background riffs. Awesome lyrics and vocals

Super riffs & legendary vocal

12 Without God
13 Passer
14 Journey Through Pressure
15 Deadhouse
16 Tonight's Music
17 For My Demons
18 Residual
19 Dead Letters
20 I Transpire
21 Unfurl
22 Omerta

The best song in the world!

Why this is at here?

23 Serein Serein

Incredible song. Right up there with Lethean...

24 Ghost of the Sun
25 Rusted

Great transition from the beautiful melodic clean guitar intro to the heavier chorus! - petrucci75hammet

26 Deliberation
27 The Parting

Aw, I love this song so much. My favorite line is: "In the weak light, I saw you becoming the lie. Taking it all for granted like freedom. " Honestly, great song.

28 Don't Tell a Soul
29 Sulfur
30 Onward Into Battle
31 Leaders
32 Forsaker
33 The Longest Year
34 Velvet Thorns (Of Drynwhyl)

The best doom metal song of all time. - Caleb9000

35 Burn the Remembrance
36 Rainroom
37 Cold Ways
38 Criminals
39 Sweet Nurse
40 I Break
41 Ambitions
42 Lethean
43 Brave
44 Strained
45 Right Into the Bliss
46 Hypnone

Are you kidding me? This should be at top easily!

47 I Am Nothing
48 Second
49 Teargas
50 Inheritance

This song is amazing... I'm surprised it was not on the list!

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1. July
2. My Twin
3. Leaders
1. In the White
2. Endtime
3. Dead Letters
1. In the White
2. Tonight's Music
3. Burn the Remembrance

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