Best Kate Beckinsale Movies of the '10s

The Top Ten

1 Contraband
2 Trials of Cate Mccall
3 Underworld: Awakening

Round three with the same sexy catsuit Kate has worn so far! I can masturbate over her anytime I see her from her movies!

Kate is so much beautifull

4 Total Recall

I think because of Kate Beckinsale's acting this movie is much better than the Original.
She's really amazing.

5 Love and Friendship
6 Stonehearst Asylum

Based on Edgar Allan Poe 's "Eliza Graves". Kate Beckinsale ( as Always ) is great in this movie as the disturbed Eliza Graves who's taking over with other nutcases a asylum.

7 Absolutely Anything

British comedy wich suits very well for Kate Beckinsale. The movie was too short ( 1 h 22 ) but really fun to watch.

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