Best Kate Bush Songs From the '80s

The Top Ten

1 Running Up that Hill Running Up that Hill Cover Art

The best love song I have ever heard.

2 Hounds of Love Hounds of Love Cover Art
3 Cloudbusting Cloudbusting Cover Art
4 Babooshka Babooshka Cover Art
5 This Woman's Work This Woman's Work Cover Art
6 Breathing Breathing Cover Art
7 Experiment IV
8 Army Dreamers Army Dreamers Cover Art
9 Houdini Houdini Cover Art
10 And Dream of Sheep And Dream of Sheep Cover Art

The Contenders

11 Don't Give Up
12 The Sensual World The Sensual World Cover Art
13 Sat In Your Lap
14 Night of the Swallow Night of the Swallow Cover Art
15 The Dreaming The Dreaming Cover Art
16 Under the Ivy
17 Hello Earth Hello Earth Cover Art
18 Get Out of My House Get Out of My House Cover Art
19 Jig of Life Jig of Life Cover Art
20 There Goes a Tenner There Goes a Tenner Cover Art
21 Love and Anger Love and Anger Cover Art
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