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41 Double Rainbow

Maybe not the best but maybe the best of prism!

It's totally not fair this song is that low. get higher!

Fifty Two? FIFTY TWO?!?! This should be way higher on the list! Hears to all the great guys out there. And girls, go and find your double rainbow, he's waiting for you. Maybe he is the nerd in your geometry class you the kid getting picked on in the halls or maybe, just maybe he is standing next to you as you read this. You never know 😘

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42 Love Me

I think it is one of the best songs of her. Of course she had a lot songs which were really amazing but it is one of my favourite from the album prism

This is like my new favorite song, the lyrics are so inspiring!

My third favourite katy Perry song

43 Spiritual

Like something from Zero7 or (recent) Marina and the Diamonds. It's tranquil and ethereal - really the perfect pairing with Katy's soft voice. Spiritual is pensive and romantic but not in her typical "beat you over the head with a candy cane" sort of way. Plus, it's one of the few Swedish electro-inspired songs on PRISM and the only one that fits the airy, daisy-covered motif of the album. Give it another listen.

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44 Ghost

! This is the fourth best song from Prism after Roar, Dark Horse, Unconditionally, and then comes Ghost. It should have been a single than people would get to know how good the song is. It's a fantastic song about forgetting about the past. It's a very catchy past.


This song needs to be a single so that everyone realises how much of a good song this is!

Ghost is one of the best song I have ever heard!

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45 Naturally

I kind of wanting to hear this song on the radio, even they played the same song over and over until the song really flies or being judicious odd.

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46 I'm Still Breathing

Many people do not know this song even exists because it was never a single or a hit or anything and she rarely performs it live. But this is an underrated gem of a song and shows that Katy Perry is well above her peers. Great vocals and some pretty well written lyrics. Good piano line as well

I can't believe it's not in top 10. Definitely deserves better more acknowledgement.

This is the song that makes you cry

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47 International Smile

Love this song. So unique and such a good party song!

I loved this song

48 Faith Won't Fail

Of course and if you won't mind voting, thank you. This song is absolutely amazing!

Of course not. Emotional and love the beat.

49 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Duet with niki minaj

Love love love hate nicki

50 Last Call
51 Hackensack
52 Brick by Brick
53 Wish You the Worst
54 Choose Your Battles

This should be in the top twenty at least


55 I Think I'm Ready

EXTRIMLY UNDErrated. While songs like "one of the boys" and "international smile" gets some attantion, this one not get attantion at all, its almost three minuts, almost three minuts of perfect, the bell is perfect, the feminist lyrics are perfect, her voice is perfect, no auto-tune as the most of the singers! amazing - guitar

56 Growing Pains
57 It Takes Two

! Those who haven't heard this HAVE to.. One of her awesome songs! Easily top 10...

All of you have to hear this song! Amazing, nothing can beat this song.

You eventually are going to play this song most relevant in super radical way.

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58 Trust In Me V 1 Comment
59 Search Me

Isn't it should to be way higher. I love this song.

60 This Moment

I love this song!

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