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61 Search Me

Isn't it should to be way higher. I love this song.

62 This Moment

I love this song!

63 Deja Vu
64 Simple

I love her old indie pop and pop rock stuff when she had the strong Alanis Morrisette influence and a little punk influence. This song is a great example of that. I hope she goes back to that early sound on her new album. Her old stuff was songwriting at its best.

I love this song, because it is just so simple and Katy looks so young and natural in the music video. The music is very catchy and I feel happy, every time I hear it. The songs tells, that life is so simple and that we should deal with it

"Hot n cold " and " simple" are my favorite. Songs...
Such a awesome voice...simple is the best and at least it shoul be on top 10

65 Last Call
66 Long Shot
67 Who You Love

Awesome song. Really touching.

Who you love is who you love. Love this song.

Great song love it๐Ÿ˜

68 Electric Feel V 2 Comments
69 A Cup of Coffee V 1 Comment
70 Into Me You See

My new favourite song of hers. Shows you a side to her we've never seen before.

71 Hook Up

love this song it should be top ten, it's lyrics are deep and it has a very catchy rhythm as well

72 Nothing Like the First Time

Nothing like the first time by listening to this song. If you know what I mean...

73 Static

Static! Static! I like saying the word and I like listening to the song!

74 When There's Nothing Left

When there's nothing left, you HAVE to listen to this song!

When there's nothing left, you have to love this song.

75 Box

The best Katy Perry song ever!

Such an amazing autobiographical song!

This song is pretty good

So well I can relate to this song

76 My Boyfriend's Ex Girlfriend

Good song, love it, really have no other words to describe it.

Why is this 68th place! I love this song!

77 Spend the Night

Spend the night listening to this song peoples!

Spend the night listening to this song peoples!

78 Rock God

Sultry yet swinging as it tells Perry's own tale of a good girl gone bad. Catchy as sin.

This is a Katy song? - DaisyandRosalina

79 Pendulum
80 Save as Draft
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