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61 It's Okay to Believe

It is the best song. Love the voice of katy and selena gomez. The music and beats are excellent

62 Long Shot
63 Who You Love Who You Love

Who you love is who you love. Love this song.

V 2 Comments
64 Electric Feel V 2 Comments
65 A Cup of Coffee V 1 Comment
66 Hook Up

love this song it should be top ten, it's lyrics are deep and it has a very catchy rhythm as well

67 Nothing Like the First Time

Nothing like the first time by listening to this song. If you know what I mean...

68 Static

Static! Static! I like saying the word and I like listening to the song!

69 Mannequin Mannequin V 1 Comment
70 When There's Nothing Left

When there's nothing left, you HAVE to listen to this song!

When there's nothing left, you have to love this song.

71 My Boyfriend's Ex Girlfriend

Good song, love it, really have no other words to describe it.

Why is this 68th place! I love this song!

72 Spend the Night

Spend the night listening to this song peoples!

Spend the night listening to this song peoples!

73 Bullet

Bullet is 71th place. How come all her good songs are so unknown?

Really fantastic song. Why isn't it very unknown!

74 Just a Song

It's not just an ordinary song. It's more than special.

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75 Bad Photographs

This song is so much good

76 Box

The best Katy Perry song ever!

Such an amazing autobiographical song!

So well I can relate to this song

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77 Milk Milk Lemonade

I love milk and lemonade. Really good song, obviously! It's by KATY PERRY!

I like milk, I like lemonade, I like milk milk lemonade.

78 Rock God

Sultry yet swinging as it tells Perry's own tale of a good girl gone bad. Catchy as sin.

79 Believe

This song was written by katy perry but it was in realest so it should still be on here - Hollybrewer

80 My Own Monster

Why is this 80th place! We need this to be higher! Just a good song, lyrics are really good.

This song is just outrageously amazing! Does it really have to be 80th place?

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