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81 Save as Draft
82 Tsunami
83 Use Your Love

Use your love to like this song!

Use YOUR love to like this song and vote.

Awesome song

I luuuv this song

84 White Christmas

Slow song and kinda made me want to speed it up but Katy Perry can choose whatever kind of music she can do. A good song.

Slow but relaxing. Higher! Please!

Very slow song. Good its 77

85 My Own Monster

Why is this 80th place! We need this to be higher! Just a good song, lyrics are really good.

This song is just outrageously amazing! Does it really have to be 80th place?

86 Spit

Good song even though no one likes the real spit...

Yeah, no one likes spit, but I love this song a lot!

87 It Takes Two

! Those who haven't heard this HAVE to.. One of her awesome songs! Easily top 10...

All of you have to hear this song! Amazing, nothing can beat this song.

You eventually are going to play this song most relevant in super radical way.

This is a terrific composition, and I just love the chorus.

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88 Bullet

Bullet is 71th place. How come all her good songs are so unknown?

Really fantastic song. Why isn't it very unknown!

89 Just a Song

It's not just an ordinary song. It's more than special.

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90 Bad Photographs

This song is so much good

91 Milk Milk Lemonade

I love milk and lemonade. Really good song, obviously! It's by KATY PERRY!

I like milk, I like lemonade, I like milk milk lemonade.

92 Diamonds

One of her early unreleased songs that shows an edgier side to Katy, with good lyrics and a nice guitar riff. One of her finest yet underappreciated works.

93 Believe

This song was written by katy perry but it was in realest so it should still be on here - Hollybrewer

94 Chained to the Rhythm

I love this song this is katy perry's best song.

Love this song! It's the one of my favorite! It should be higher. - LapisBob

It reached no.4 on billboard hot 100 what a comeback Kat!

Love this song

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95 Bon Appetit

This is such an amazing song! Katy Perry did a great job with this!

Watch the music video, I dare you... - micahisthebest

This song should to be one of the top 20 songs of katy Perry

Most underrated Katy Perry song.

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96 Swish Swish

I love this song so much.I play it thousand time a day.I can't get rid of this.So good.

97 Witness

This one is the only song I like from her new album so far. - DaisyandRosalina

98 Power
99 Mind Maze
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