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21 We Might as Well Be Strangers

I first heard this song in 2004 in a football compilation, since this post I've listened to it at least a million times, it's my ringtone, my alarm, my (our) wedding song, it's very simple, it is THE BEST SONG EVER MADE IN HISTORY, the instrumental is staggering, and the vocals are astonishing, and what makes it better is that it does'nt have a music video, so leave it all to imagination, I now... I spoke too much...

This is my favourite from their first album. Heck, it's my favourite from all their albums!

Best song ever, enough said...

This song is great. It can easily cure a heartbreak with it's amazing lyrics.

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22 Is It Any Wonder?

Woo! This is their best song for me. I love the entire song, the beat, the lyrics. This song should be number one, far better than everybodys changing

It's great. Its more catchy than most of their songs and sounds more like rock. It has a great message, like peace and cooperation. It's one of those songs that just stays with you forever.

Great intro, driving beat, lots of energy and still a message with the song. Could listen ti it forever and it would never get old.

This should be way higher! Powerful lyrics. It also has a memorable chorus and a great guitar riff in my opinion - hg64764

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23 Stop for a Minute

Why it is number 22?! So overrated song, good lyrics, good beats it's so catchy I love it.. - burakbu00f6r

Come on guys! Number 22 does not do this song justice! At least lets get this to number 11

It's the perfect song! @! Come on!

What K'naan and Keane are singing
It deserves no.3

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24 Your Eyes Open

Its definitely a masterpiece. The chorus part is so much heart-felt..

Well, there's no competition here!

Surprised this isn't higher! My top favorites:
1. Somewhere only we know
2. This is the last time
3. Your eyes open
4. Sovereign light cafe
5. Bend and break
6. Everybody's changing
7. Can't stop now
8. Bedsahped

25 Try Again

Listened to this song incessantly during some dark sad days. Profoundly desperate and heartbreaking. How could you possibly not like that?

So soothing.. definitely best song of keane

Emotional song, one of the best songs
Of keane

26 Black Burning Heart

I can't stop listening to this song. It's amazing, Tom's voice is (if it's possible) more wonderful than usually on this one. The French version is even better.

This song is amazing, it is a b side of Night Train, there is one french version of this song.

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27 She Has No Time

What? This is the best song ever! This and bedshaped are their two best songs! Why is this so underrated I don't understand its AMAZING literally the vocals they make me shiver and the high note I the chorus!

My best song by Keane. Should be number one along with Love Is The End

This song makes me feel something...its amazing and hauntingly beautiful. My favorite Keane song! Heard it first on One Tree Hill, and it gave me chills when I heard it the next time

A truly wonderul song which beautifully sung and carries a lot of meaning that many can relate to. It gives me chills every time

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28 Fly to Me

Fly to Me has beautiful lyrics and beat, sounds heavenly.

29 Strangeland

Just like Under the Iron Sea Great song from Strangeland

This should be in second without any doubt :/

The song that stands for the album title. So beautifull. Unbelievable it is only in the special editions! Way better than other songs on the album!

30 On the Road

Best song of Keane (others are also very good)

This entire CD is amazing! this song makes me feel happy! :D The rhythm and instruments as well as the vocals are wonderful. The intro is sooo catchy!

31 Again & Again

Its very good I think this should be part of the list well I don't know for you but I loved it and I really mean it again and again is the best yet to me so again and again you should find a nice place for this song kay?

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32 Neon River

This song! the rhythm... the lyrics! it's a mixture of feelings and I love to sing to it.

33 Better Than This
34 Broken Toy

It makes me very sad to find this song so far down... massively underappreciated, one of the best songs by anyone in my list... every bit of this sings is powerful, and it has some of the best Key Changes in Pop music.

35 The Starting Line

Been a fan of keane since day 1. I think this latest album tips the balance away from the original. A shame it was never as a single release... May be my present frame of mind and what has influenced me recently but this song holds great lyrics I can relate to. You need to have been there to know. Is it possible this was written from the heart? Keane have changed with the times and every album has been brilliant. For me this album just beats the great "Hopes and Fears". Here's to many more years of keane!

'Forget the ghosts that make you old before your time'. That chorus always plays in my mind when doing some hard physical endurance exercise like a century ride. This entire album is delightfully retrospective and has wisdom beyond its years. This song especially. It's just an awesome song to sing along to. Wish they had it as a standard in karaoke bars.

The instrumentation, cadence, message and vocal tone are so fundamentally Keane that this track deserves a place in the Top 10, along with the sublime Sovereign Light Cafe. Keane returned to their best form when they released Strangeland.

It's a beautiful song.

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36 Higher Than the Sun

Newest Keane song... Great one even though it didn't get all Keaners satisfied.
The song is amazing, unique for its lyrics, "Oh whispers low, like a friend you never knew was there".. So yes, ALL Keane songs take us Higher Than The Sun...!

37 My Shadow

What the hell I was hoping this would be top 10 or at least top 20. This song is absolutely beautiful, the melody is just really nice. "Shine a light on me... and you will see my shadow"

Like their earliest piano ballads but with more soul and maturity. - minimac93

This song should be at 1st place in my opinion.

I'm a huge KEANE fan and I love so much this song.

This is an incredibly underrated song. Definitely the best one off Night Train, and at least in the top twenty.

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38 You are Young

Probably the best song off the new album "Strangeland. " Whenever I hear this song I feel a jolt of happiness fly through my body. This songs meaning is that you have to help the world, and you will benefit from it.

The best tune in "Strangeland" and, by far, the song I have listened to the most during the past twelve months. Perfect lyrics, beautiful melody and a superb piano riff that made me fall in love with Keane again.

This is the best song off the new "Strangeland" album. It has an amazing flow and a great message. This song should be in the TOP 10 because it is a lot better than other Keane songs! VOTE IT UP!

Inspiring song. Makes me wish he were singing it to me in my impetuous youth.

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39 The Night Sky
40 Allemande
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