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41 Your Love V 2 Comments
42 Clear Skies

Shocked this is so far down the list! Incredible song with interesting instrumentation and a killer hook! Reminds me a bit of Love my way by the Psychedelic Furs with a little Radiohead tossed in and lots of KEANE!

43 Myth

Man.. This is such a peaceful song.. Right now it's the 12th time on repeat.. And I just want to sleep keeping it playing by my side..

I should say nobody understands the true essence of this song, and that's it is on number 54, shoul be at least in top 30

44 Love is the End

Are you serious? This song should be way up higher on this list. It's a great song with astonishingly heartfelt lyrics and the bridge and final chorus are just heartbreakingly beautiful. One of Keane's best in my opinion.

The rating of this song is a joke. At least a top ten ten is what I will call justice. Great song, so refreshing

38th? Are you kidding? :) this song is way better

Love is really the end of everything.

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45 Untitled 1

This is their best song, it's extremely underrated. Should be number 1. Do me a favor and listen to it.

Untitled 1 is a complete work of art. It has been and always will be my favorite Keane song.

I think this is the most underrated keane song there is. Untitled 1 is a work of art.

Untitled 1 is a complete masterpiece.

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46 Put It Behind You
47 Black Rain
48 Sunshine

My top ten list
1. Everybody's changing
2. Somewhere only we know
3. A bad dream
4. Nothing in my way
5. This is the last time
6. Sunshine
7. Walnut tree
8. The night sky
9. On the road
10. A heart to hold you
11. Perfect Symmetry
12. Neon river
13. Disconnected
14. Crystal ball
15. Is it any wonder?
16. Silenced by the night
17. Spiralling
18. Stop for a minute

This one is so good

Such an amazing song and totally underrated...the chorus is so captivating and the build is incredible. Definitely my fave off H&F along with We Might as Well Be Strangers!

49 Sea Fog

This deserves to be much, much higher. It has the tone and rhythm of a classical hymn, but with a modern take. Well done Keane.

50 You Don't See Me

Amazing voice from tom chaplin, very underrated

I wish tom would see me

51 Pretend that You're Alone

Doesn't deserve to be so low on this list. Love Keane!

This should be A LOT higher! - Alfa-Romeo

52 Won't Be Broken
53 Russian Farmer's Song

A deep cut, but an epic, I'd argue that its one of Keane's finest works.

This could not be missed!

54 Tear Up This Town

This is a beautiful song

55 Day Will Come
56 Wolf at the Door

I love this song! It's not that well known because it came out in the Deluxe edition a few years after the original record came out. Still, this song is so raw and just so great, it deserves a higher spot on this list. Listen to it!

How is this song not even on the list? It's AMAZING! One of Keane's best to date! Just listen to it and tell me it doesn't get you swaying!

57 Something In Me Was Dying
58 Watch How You Go
59 Snowed Under

Has anyone here actually listened to this song? It's fantastic. Great lyrics, great vocals, and a decent pace. Definitely doesn't deserve to be so low on the list.

A beautiful song with equally excellent rhythm-"There's a cold voice in the air, and you've looking everyhere..."

60 Run With Me

Such a beautiful amazing song. I love it

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1. Somewhere Only We Know
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2. Somewhere Only We Know
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