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41 Duckworth

This is the best song on damn by miles and miles. It leaves everything else in the dust. The production is flawless and cornrows kenny's storytelling is at its potentially best ever. The only reason it's the least popular song on the album is that it isn't a banger like humble element or DNA. - Thicc_Neeson

The beat changes are absolutely amazing and go so well with the lyrics

This should end up in the top 10, probably Kendrick's best storytelling song along with great production and end to the album. Also, TPAB needs more songs in the top 10 - HipHopAintDead

The connection to BLOOD. and the overall song is amazing. Great song! - ScorpiusYT

42 The Spiteful Chant

This song is so powerful! It is just amazing. Wow guys a true kendrick lamar fan would rate this higher

Why is this so low?!? This should be one in my opinion or at least in top 3! The instrumental and lyrical flow is simply amazing!

My favorite Kendrick Lamar song.

Pure bliss

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43 Vanity Slaves
44 For Free?

The pure technical prowess displayed in this song is fantastic. Even though this song is short, he reaches a energetic climax 15 seconds from the end. The crescendo throughout the song is spurred along by a jazz-like beat which is unique to Kendrick. He also addresses the issue of gender inequality from an angle which other artists wouldn't dare to, pulling it off flawlessly with the perfect amount of aggression and humor in a way only he could. Pure poetry. Also he tweeted that this is favorite song off this album.

45 I Hate You

Kendricks beat song about death and very creative on the third verse.

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46 No Make-Up (Her Vice)
47 Black Friday

So powerful. His flow is unstoppable in this song

KENDRICK LAMAR ABSOLUTELY MURDERED THIS TRACK. The beat was already a favorite from jcole but god did Kendrick Lamar kill that whole beat.

Kendrick is in top form for this song. There's no stopping him. Plus an amazing half by J Cole

48 Untitled 02 | 06.23.14

Love this song. Really different from most of songs.

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49 untitled 01 | 08.19.2014.
50 Faith
51 War Is My Love

This is the best song ever

52 Collect Calls

The MOST underrated kendrick song of all time

So DEEP! Best kendrick song ever

Probably the greatest exchange between two characters in any song ever. Plus amazing instrumental and hook which fit the track perfectly. Kendrick's flow is great here and incredibly emotional.

Everything about this song is amazing. The lyrics, the instrumental, the hook, everything! This song is why I call him king kendrick lamar

53 County Building Blues

This track has a sick beat by Dj Khalil, his lyrics are epic! I love his childhood imaginary friend

Sooo Underrated!

Bonus Track so nobody knows it but this and Hol Up gotta be in the top ten

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54 For Sale? (Interlude)
55 Memories Back Then
56 Compton

Wow this is so far in the list... this song reminds me of good ol' 90's rap. Should be in the top 5

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57 Let Me Be Me

Kendrick Lamar says in this song that he isn't a killer or a gang member like the people he grew up with, and they respect him for that

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58 Fragile
59 Do It Again
60 The Jig Is Up

How is this so low...

It blew my mind.

And now we jumping of the roof, DOTOTOTOTO. enough said


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