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81 Cloud 10

Nice beats and good lyrics, seriously this song is underrated.

82 The Jig Is Up (Dump'n)
83 Cut You Off

What! This is without a doubt one of the greatest songs Kendrick has ever written! Personally, I think it is the best and not just my favorite song from Kendrick, but one of my favorite songs EVER of ANY GENRE! From the beat to the way he portrays the personalities of the typical male and female of the modern day society (especially African-Americans). He speaks about social ills and the petty things our people are so worried about meaningless things that don't generate positive outcomes. He is basically saying he is going to cut them off not just because they are bad for him, because they are small minded and kendrick is trying to go beyond the hood and become a great artists and influential person but these people around him just keep bringing him down with their negative energy and materialistic views. This has to be the most underrated Kendrick Lamar song EVER.

This influenced my personal philosophy a lot. The idea of cutting off all negative people from your life

The thing that makes this song good, is not only the message it gives out, but the small portion at the end. Listen to the last 40 seconds of the song. Kendrick explains hiipower

84 You Ain't Gotta Lie

Amazing song comes straight from the heart.

85 Untitled 2

Great song with amazing flow and great lyrics!

86 God.

Not the most commercial song on DAMN. but still one of the better on the album. - GillisL

87 Opposites Attract (Tomorrow With Her)

Great beat, great message. Kendrick raps along to both perspectives of people when they cheat

Really great song it remember me the 2pac song keep ya head up

She says she loves me

88 Kendrick Lamar Kendrick Lamar

Amazing Song

89 Pride.

This song has the beat that makes you feel the need to Freestyle!

Kendrick best song should be top ten at least

90 Barbed Wire

Great rapping and hook by Kendrick himself, got a nice, fast paced music and Ash Riser in the background.

Deep lyrics, great hook and funky beat

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91 A Milli Freestyle
92 Beyonce
93 Hood Politics

Best song on To Pimp a Butterfly

This song is true hiphop art. Stellar lyricism and pride over a deep baseline. Just goes on and never stops.

Maybe the most overlooked song in TPAB

boo boo!

94 His Pain II
95 Untitled 03 | 05.28.2013. V 2 Comments
96 Untitled 07 | Levitate
97 The Greatest
98 She Needs Me

So... Underrated! First Kendrick Lamar song I've ever heard. Amazing beat, neat story, and I love Kendrick's voice!

99 Good Kid

The most slept on track of GKMC. This song has Kendrick analytically break down his Compton surroundings as a good kid would. He understands his gang affiliation is wrong but he feels a need to participate anyway because the pressure around him is too overwhelming. This track sets up the banger mAAd City which follows it perfectly, it is almost as if Kendrick goes from a analytical thinker in this song into a reckless & rage-fueled teen in the song mAAd city. Every single verse has a very thought-provoking point as well. For example, Kendrick makes an analogy to the red & blue blinking of cop lights and to the Blood & Crip gangs of Compton, both of which are very different but are the same to him because he is a young black man who these parties are frequently victimizing. Take some deep lyrics that are well performed and a fantastic hook from Pharrell Williams and you have this remarkably underrated Kendrick Lamar masterpiece.

Agree with the first guy + his flow in this is unbelievable

So slept on. Greatness here.

My second favorite on GKMC. Very underrated track.

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