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101 Untitled

Untitled is the story of minorities giving a piece of themselves to Kendrick to help him live a better life, but the majority want a piece of Kendrick for themselves.
Kendrick debuted and performed this piece as the final musical guest on "The Colbert Report" and according to Terrance Martin was written the day before. There are no plans to release a studio version because it is only suppose to live in that moment. Had it made it on "To Pimp a Butterfly" however, it would be number 1 on this list.
With the recent performance of "Untitled 2/Blue Faces" it is evident that the "Untitled" series is a significant part of Kendrick's legacy.

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102 Untitled 07 | 2014 - 2016 V 2 Comments
103 Good Kid

The most slept on track of GKMC. This song has Kendrick analytically break down his Compton surroundings as a good kid would. He understands his gang affiliation is wrong but he feels a need to participate anyway because the pressure around him is too overwhelming. This track sets up the banger mAAd City which follows it perfectly, it is almost as if Kendrick goes from a analytical thinker in this song into a reckless & rage-fueled teen in the song mAAd city. Every single verse has a very thought-provoking point as well. For example, Kendrick makes an analogy to the red & blue blinking of cop lights and to the Blood & Crip gangs of Compton, both of which are very different but are the same to him because he is a young black man who these parties are frequently victimizing. Take some deep lyrics that are well performed and a fantastic hook from Pharrell Williams and you have this remarkably underrated Kendrick Lamar masterpiece.

Agree with the first guy + his flow in this is unbelievable

So slept on. Greatness here.

My second favorite on GKMC. Very underrated track.

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104 Young and Black

Deserves to be higher, such an underrated song in my opinion...

Not enough people know about this song. Brilliant verses

Mighty be his most underrated song

105 Imma G
106 Sex With Society

Please read the title!

This is one of my favourite Kendrick songs! I know word by word. I would definitely put this in my top '10

107 H.O.C.

How in the HELL is this song the lowest rated. Give it a whirl it's well worth your time trust me.

108 Far From Here
109 I Do This
110 Alien Girl (Today With Her)

The beat is ahead of its time.

111 Heaven & Hell
112 Imagine
113 One Shot Kill
114 Celebration

This is an awesome track

115 Get Thrown
116 Misunderstood
117 Death Around the Corner
118 We Up

Great song/beat and Kendrick kills

119 For the Homies

This the young Kendrick dishing out hard metaphorical lyrics

120 Blow Them Horns V 1 Comment
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