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141 Look Out for Detox

The lyrics, the metaphors, the alliteration, the vivid imagery of his life, perfectly complementing a destructively dope beat. Another immaculate song by an immaculate artist

He goes so hard on this song! It's mad!

Sickest beat, sickest lyrics. Always gets me pumped when I'm working out!

WHY IS THIS #42?! His old songs are slept on so much.

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142 Dreams
143 Is It Love?
144 Who Shot Ya Freestyle
145 The Show
146 Bloody Sport
147 Can't Be Faded
148 Famous Pipe Game
149 Mr. Carter Part 2
150 Welcome to C4
151 Say Wassup

Awesome song with black hippie

152 Give It 2 You

Great song with Robin Thicke - Lameformer

153 Kurupted
154 Monster (Freestyle)

The ignorant side of Kendrick Lamar. This songs is FIRE! - NBA-Rap-Fan

155 That's Me Right There
156 Radioactive (Remix)

Already a great song, Kendrick makes it even better

157 Zip That Chop That

No. What is Zip that Chop that doing here so low? Give it a chance and you won't be disappointed I can guarantee

158 Ab-Soul's Outro

Simply the most deep lyrics I have heard in rap song, the jazz beat is truly atmospheric and by the time it reaches climax it's pretty much an explosion of deep thoughts, truly poetry.

159 The Heart Pt.1

Amazing beat, delivery, flow. Kendrick's greatness

160 Bad Blood

lol no

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