Best Kendrick Lamar Verses

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1 M.A.A.D City - First Verse

Definitely one of his best but I love his older stuff too listen to kurupted 3rd verse

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2 Control (HOF)

You gotta say this is were he dropped the first diss it's got to mean something

K Dot absolutely goes in on this track. Props to Big Sean, but Kendrick's verse was more memorable. The fact that 21 rappers responded to his disses (some K didn't even call out) says enough by itself

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3 Blessed (By Schoolboy Q) - Third Verse

This is honestly his deepest

4 Money Trees - Second Verse

Dope Verse Sean Out

5 Michael Jordan - Second Verse
6 Look Out For Detox
7 Shady 45 Freestyle (Black Hippy) - Kendrick's Part
8 Sing About Me - First Verse

One of the best song of all time.

9 Westside, Right On Time - First Verse
10 Who Shot Ya Freestyle

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11 U - Second Verse
12 Turn Me Up (Ab-Soul) - Third Verse
13 Ignorance Is Bliss
14 The Heart Pt. 2

This verse had me zoned out my mom called me I'm now in the house for a couple months lol

15 HiiiPower - Third Verse
16 The City - Final Verse

The music cuts and my heart stopped beating, crazy talented

One of the best verses I ever heard

17 Rigamortis - Second Verse

How is the recipe above this? Easily best Kendrick verse ever

18 Radioactive - Verse 3
19 The Recipe - Third Verse
20 Collard Greens - Second Verse
21 Backseat Freestyle - Last Verse
22 Today - Third Verse
23 Blacker the Berry - Third Verse
24 Good Kid - First Verse
25 Nosetalgia - Second Verse
26 U - First Verse
27 U - Third Verse
28 Black Friday - First Verse
29 Illuminate (Ab Soul) - Third Verse
30 Humble. - Second Verse
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