Best Kendrick Lamar Verses

The Top Ten

1 M.A.A.D City - First Verse

Definitely one of his best but I love his older stuff too listen to kurupted 3rd verse

Definitely nothing comes close to this. its just perfect. he's shined new light on hip hop - bbilsk

2 Control (HOF)

You gotta say this is were he dropped the first diss it's got to mean something

Totally dissed half the rappers in his league in the game

Tell flex to drop a bomb on this.

K Dot absolutely goes in on this track. Props to Big Sean, but Kendrick's verse was more memorable. The fact that 21 rappers responded to his disses (some K didn't even call out) says enough by itself

3 Blessed (By Schoolboy Q) - Third Verse

This is honestly his deepest

4 Money Trees - Second Verse

Dope Verse Sean Out

5 Michael Jordan - Second Verse
6 Sing About Me - First Verse

One of the best song of all time.

7 Look Out For Detox
8 Shady 45 Freestyle (Black Hippy) - Kendrick's Part
9 Westside, Right On Time - First Verse
10 Who Shot Ya Freestyle

The Contenders

11 U - Second Verse
12 Turn Me Up (Ab-Soul) - Third Verse
13 Ignorance Is Bliss
14 HiiiPower - Third Verse
15 The Heart Pt. 2

This verse had me zoned out my mom called me I'm now in the house for a couple months lol

16 Black Friday - First Verse
17 The City - Final Verse

The music cuts and my heart stopped beating, crazy talented

One of the best verses I ever heard

18 Rigamortis - Second Verse

How is the recipe above this? Easily best Kendrick verse ever

19 Radioactive - Verse 3
20 Today - Third Verse
21 Blacker the Berry - Third Verse
22 Nosetalgia - Second Verse
23 U - Third Verse
24 The Recipe - Third Verse
25 Collard Greens - Second Verse
26 Backseat Freestyle - Last Verse
27 Good Kid - First Verse
28 U - First Verse
29 Illuminate (Ab Soul) - Third Verse
30 Humble. - Second Verse
31 Rigamortis - First Verse
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