Best Kenny G Songs


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1 Forever in Love

Forever In Love is so wonderful, the high tones are very soft and low tone is so extraordinary.

This song mysteriously communicate something to the innermost part of me. Well done Kenny G!

2 Silhouette
3 Songbird
4 Sentimental

Its too good. I wonder how it is not in top 3 at least. :-S
Hey, it's the real good music and is completely worth the 1st position

5 Havana
6 The Moment

I think that this is the best music ever produced. This should be definitely on the number one spot this is surely better than forever in love.

This song is like a sea. Very deep and peaceful. #1 for sure

Its for depressed hearts and mind... Nothing more to say

2nd of Forever in Love

7 By the Time This Night is Over
8 Auld Lang Syne
9 Don't Make Me Wait for Love
10 Love on the Rise

The Contenders

11 The Promise
12 Peruvian Nights
13 Going Home
14 Besame Mucho
15 Careless Whisper
16 Innocence
17 Ocean Breeze
18 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
19 Theme from Dying Young
20 My Heart Will Go On
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