Best Kesha Music Videos


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1 We R Who We R

Great background it shows who Ke$ha is perfectly. She should make more videos like that. I love her use of glitter she doesn't go over board at all. I love the part when she falls off the edge. She has an amazing talent. Keep up the good work Ke$ha.

I don't like Kesha at all but this song is great. I love its lyrics. We are Who We are and we don't need to change it. Hope she makes more songs like this one - Magnolia

Whoho now its top 1 cause I voted it thanks to all who voted we r who we r
I feel its even better then ke$HA'S TIK TOK SO ONLY VOTE AND PLEASE DO VOTE TO WE R WHO WE R

2 Blow

This is about the weirdest but most amazing video I've ever seen. Unicorns, guns, and cheese is such a bizarre blend which is why I like it. At the end
When the guys head is mounted on the wall is funny.

3 Tik Tok

I love it it is great and she is so pretty

4 Sleazy
5 C'Mon
6 Your Love Is My Drug

I love the background in the beautiful desert skys. This song really
fits its music video. I like the part where Ke$ha is standing on top
of all those mountains! Ke$ha, great artist.

7 Blah Blah Blah

Blah blah just because

8 Die Young

I like when she busts the door down!

9 Take It Off

<y favourite Song :) ♥

10 Animal

I love that video! - vegetarians

amazing - vegetarians

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11 Crazy Kids

It's funny how she does that weird dance at the end

This music video is awesome! :) it is so upbeat and the clothes are cool too! Defanitly should be in the top 5! :) rock on ke$ha!

12 Praying

Awesome Song. Awesome Video. Gonna Be A Good Album

13 Stephen
14 The Harold Song
15 Dirty Love
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