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41 Run Devil Run

Too bad this song was sold to SNSD. This song would be a hit on charts

You can't beat the original (Sarcasm) :b

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42 True Love

! I can't believe Kesha can produce this kind of song. It's so different from her other songs and plus it is the music to my ears!

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43 Grow a Pear

I love how she wont talk to him with out him growing a peinis ha it makes me laugh

This is such a good song! It's really catchy and almost impossible not to sing along. :) Pleease go listen to this song you definitely won't regret it

44 Crazy Beautiful Life

This must be one of her best songs.. Please guys vote for this awesome song!

Off her Animal album, Ke$ha provides a fun and quirky song which has lyrics that will stick with you

I love this song so much I'll hear it 100 times and not get tierd of it. You peps gotta hear it and VOTE.


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45 Hungover

This song is the best song of ke$ha, the best song in the century and the best song EVER!
Ke$ha, I'm your biggest fan in the entire world! I love you!
Come to Barcelona again please!

! This song is amazing how isn't it in the top ten! Please listen to it its amazing! I love Ke$ha!

This song shows off her range and still stays true to Kesha, her voice is beautiful in this song!

Really the best song with best music.

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46 Red Lipstick

Super, catchy and just awesome, this wasn't even in the list, which really gave me cancer

47 Wonderland

This is a very good song of Ke$ha... Obviously not the best, but still... Her first country-rock and love its lyrics, beats and music.. It reviews her childhood memories

This proves she's not a sleazy person 24/7 like my cousin said!

48 Feels Like Rain

It shoul at least be in the top 20... Obviously the other songs are better but this shouldn't be down here 20th or 19th position could also have done

Beautiful song it should be number 1! 3 I would have never guessed it was ke$ha but it's her and it's before she was SUPER famous Listen to it on YouTube NOW! ;]

Look, this one is obviously the best. Who the hell voted Tik Tok as number one?! EVERYONE knows Tik Tok. Plus, it is FAR from her best, move this one up to number one -. -

49 Invisible
50 VIP

So cool just vote

51 Chain Reaction

WHoa! surprised this song isn't in the album -

52 lucky
53 Booty Call

Best song ever. YouTube it. "Knew you were going to be my new BOOTY call, So don't go falling in love"

54 Wherever You Are

A fairly new song, but definitely deserves a spot on this list! Beautiful melody. Along with supernatural, come on, and all that matters.

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55 Crazy Girl

I don't know why, I just know I like that

56 First Love
57 Never Know About Love

This song blows the roof of the house. People would be deaf to not to like this song

58 Hymn
59 Dirty Picture

It is the best song of Kesha.
With featuring Taio Cruz.
Listen this once...

60 Mr. Watson

pretty funny song. :D read it on mlia.

YES. I mean, REALLY. EEP! ^____^ It's the funniest thing! Pretty insance to sing to too.

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