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41 Dirty Love

I honestly do think "Dirty Love" should have been a single instead of "Crazy Kids." Because, let's be honest, Iggy Pop's verse was far more superior to Will-I-Am's. Also the beat and Kesha's vocals where much better too. - Only_Octi

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42 Invisible
43 VIP

So cool just vote

44 Gold Trans Am

This song is just awesome... Reminded me of the 80s music, I even m a guy, but I love this song no matter what! I request everyone to listen this song, and vote it, it's rock music is awesome n it must b on at least number 3 or 4, not the lyrics but everything else about this song is awesome

This song deserves to be one of kesha's best! The puns are awesome and the rhythm is incomparable. Love every word in it.

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45 Chain Reaction

WHoa! surprised this song isn't in the album -

46 lucky
47 Booty Call

Best song ever. YouTube it. "Knew you were going to be my new BOOTY call, So don't go falling in love"

48 Wherever You Are

A fairly new song, but definitely deserves a spot on this list! Beautiful melody. Along with supernatural, come on, and all that matters.

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49 Crazy Girl

I don't know why, I just know I like that

50 First Love
51 Never Know About Love

This song blows the roof of the house. People would be deaf to not to like this song

52 Dirty Picture

It is the best song of Kesha.
With featuring Taio Cruz.
Listen this once...

53 Mr. Watson

pretty funny song. :D read it on mlia.

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54 Woo Hoo

This is one of her best songs, the hook is amazing!

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55 Paris Hilton's Closet
56 Frenzy
57 I'm the One

It's her best song. It's a country-rock track and if you don't like commercial pop-dance music and because of that you hate Kesha, you have to listen to this song and think again about it. I'm sure this song will make anyone change his mind. I wish she wrote more songs like this one.

58 Right Round

Cool Tune... Should Be In TOP TEN List... Great Song Overall... KESHA is cool...
Listen This Song... It's the best Kesha;s ft

59 Goodbye

Ke$has real voice She sings so good and a lovely song. I wish more of her songs were like this! Who agrees with me

I love and like this song she has areally good voice in it I wish I could hear it 10000 with out having a headach

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60 Shots On the Hood of My Car
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