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61 Aliens Invading

Really catchy. Got me dancing the whole time. I didn't even know the song! If you like Ke$has theme you will love her song Aliens invading. It is a really good song for most KEsha fans. I am a huge kesha fan. She is my roll model and should inspire most of yall

62 Out Alive V 2 Comments
63 Slow Motion
64 Stephen

Best song ever. She sounds so great in it. Like Pop Opera.. Ha ha. But seriously if you haven't listened to this song you should.

What Why Is This Not Higher?! Best Song Ever! It's One Of Her Most Personal Songs And It Shows Her Vocal Range Better Than Most of Her Others! This Should've Been A Single... Sigh. Only Die Hard Kesha Fans Will Understand.. SMH

This is one of her best songs! How is it number 66? Kesha doesn't even have 66 songs

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65 True Colors

This easily tops all of her auto-tuned commercial crap

I love this song. This is the real Kesha keep this up

All of her other songs are guilty pleasure. This one is just pleasure.

66 Love Into the Light

This is so a beautiful song really shows Kesha's emotional side

Beautiful song, one of the best from Kesha. I love it

67 Past Lives

Kesha showed that she can sing ballads

Her best song! So beautiful and wonderful.

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68 Princess (Customized)
69 Till the World Ends
70 Machine Gun Love
71 Dirty Picture Pt. 2

Great song. Just vote for it.

72 F*** Him He's a DJ

Awesome song man.. I wonder why it ws not on the list.. Hear it its best

73 Secret Weapon

This is definitely the most underrated song in the universe, I am not even kidding I am so incredibly surprised it didn't get released! - keshaluvr

Definitely it's a good song.
Many people don't know about it cause it was not released.
Try it it's better than many of her songs and deserves in top 15.

74 Wonderland

This is a very good song of Ke$ha... Obviously not the best, but still... Her first country-rock and love its lyrics, beats and music.. It reviews her childhood memories

This proves she's not a sleazy person 24/7 like my cousin said!

75 All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)

This song has an amazing beat and is catchy as all hell, and is therefore much more deserving to be closer to the top than #67

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76 Boots & Boys

One of the best songs to ever EXIST!

77 Sleazy Remix 2.0
78 Friday Night Bitch Fight
79 Turn Me On
80 F*** Fake Hippies
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