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81 Out Alive Out Alive V 2 Comments
82 Bad Dream
83 Pretty Lady
84 Meet Me

People may hate Ke$ha & her auto-tone, but my heart dropped when I heard this song. It blew my mind & I couldn't stop listing to the song! It really shows off the beauty of her natural voice. You have gotta YouTube it now!

85 U Better Know
86 I Hate You (Don't Leave Me)

Is one of my favorites. Ke$ha is showing vulnerability that makes people think differently about her. Even though it is unreleased it is well worth a vote and listen to...

87 Boys
88 Vampire
89 Last Boyfriend
90 What the Hell (Is Wrong With Me)
91 What Baby Wants
92 Guilty Pleasure

How come this song not even in the list?

93 Lost Weekend

One of her best unreleased yet! Ke$ha is her usual party self but with a light twist to it. It is worth a listen and worth your time. There are no other party songs like this. It makes you feel like a rock star the way the song works. My favorite by far if you like Ke$ha this song is for you...

94 Vampire (After Dark)
95 Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You

Kesha's mother had written this song with her husband at the time. Many famous singers have sung this song such as Dolly Parton, Brian Collins, and Joe Sun. They were all top hits. Then in 2013, Kesha made a cover for her extended album, Deconstructed. It's a very beautiful song. I hope when you listen to it, you will fall in love with Kesha's beautiful voice.

Kesha's cover of this on Deconstructed is so beautiful. I mean the whole EP is so underrated and raw and perfect, but since Old Flames is on this it's getting my vote. It should be much higher on this list.

96 31 Seconds Alone
97 Best Friend's Boyfriend
98 C U Next Tuesday C U Next Tuesday
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