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101 Aliens Invading

Really catchy. Got me dancing the whole time. I didn't even know the song! If you like Ke$has theme you will love her song Aliens invading. It is a really good song for most KEsha fans. I am a huge kesha fan. She is my roll model and should inspire most of yall

102 My First Kiss

3OH!3 and Ke$ha are an unusaul match, but the song is AWESOME! Help me get it to number 1.

omg! I totaly love this song I just can't stop singing it! I love it so much!

This is one of my all time favorite songs. I love this fun and amazing song. Its more than amazing. Its a must listen for all!

I love this song even in 2013!
3oh! 3 are AMAZING on this track!

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103 Stephen

Best song ever. She sounds so great in it. Like Pop Opera.. Ha ha. But seriously if you haven't listened to this song you should.

What Why Is This Not Higher?! Best Song Ever! It's One Of Her Most Personal Songs And It Shows Her Vocal Range Better Than Most of Her Others! This Should've Been A Single... Sigh. Only Die Hard Kesha Fans Will Understand.. SMH

This is one of her best songs! How is it number 66? Kesha doesn't even have 66 songs

Love this song!... Best song if Ke$ha... Better than tiktok, and cannibal... It should be at least on the top 10! :? :(
Guys votie votie... Seriously get your mind of from meaningless songs like backstabber and we are who we ere... Believe me! :D - Alyssandra

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104 Right Round

Cool Tune... Should Be In TOP TEN List... Great Song Overall... KESHA is cool...
Listen This Song... It's the best Kesha;s ft

105 Goodbye

Ke$has real voice She sings so good and a lovely song. I wish more of her songs were like this! Who agrees with me

I love and like this song she has areally good voice in it I wish I could hear it 10000 with out having a headach

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106 31 Seconds Alone
107 Best Friend's Boyfriend
108 C U Next Tuesday
109 Boogie Feet
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