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1 I Made It (Cash Money Heroes)

Beautiful song... awesome lyrics... it takes me too deep... and it just touches my heart... it's my favourite... IT SHOULD BE NO. 1

It is the best song I have ever heard of kevin rudolf with jay sean and lil. Wayne I love the part when kevin rudolf came suddenly and said I made it
the number 1 singer I have ever heard after Michael jackson

I love this song. I'm addicted to it. guy deserves to be the best.

Best one...

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2 Let It Rock

Let it Rock is a absolutely amazing song, it would definitely be in my top ten songs of all time. It is so addictive, Kevin Rudolf hit gold with this one

I love this song, is so amazing! I really like it... Rock never die! Is a awesome song, is rock= wow ah, is pop= ahhh! I love rock pop, rock rap, rock hip hop, rock, pop, rap, hip hop, I LOVE THE MUSIC!... And, I know there's a name for rock pop, rock rap, rock hip hop... , I just was kidding but I LOVE THE MUSIC, I LOVE THE WORLD! Peace and love!

I love this song! An absolutely amazing song never get bored with it. Too damned good, too damned good. Definitely the best song in his arsenal.

I think that let it rock should be first because this is one of the most amazing songs I had ever heard. It's basically modern rock. I love all of his music!

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3 Here's to Us

Best single of Rudolph in 2013. Should be on top 10 list

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4 Welcome to the World

I don't know why I love this song, I just find that it is VERY fun to listen to. It is very repetitive. However, it is the type of repetition that I like. It is not boring where you hope that the song finally ends!

5 Without You
6 Love Letter

Out of this world

Awesome song ❤❤

7 In the City

End of Watch!
Great movie, must see.
A great song for a great movie.

8 Coffee And Donuts
9 She Can Get It

This is definitely one of his best songs. Fun, catchy, good melody and nice song in general. Should be higher than seventh! :D

10 Don't Give Up

Easily the best Kevin Rudolf song.. Surprised to see it way down at 10

Dude this is like one of the best
Should be number 1
A very motivational songs for people who think they have lost in some challenge of life
The lyrics are absolutely wonderful...

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11 Just Say So

Rudolf and Brian Are Best in the world

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12 You Make the Rain Fall

what 12th?

13 Gimme a Sign
14 Don't Cry V 1 Comment
15 All Mine V 2 Comments
16 Scarred
17 Big Timer
18 Champions V 2 Comments
19 Late Night Automatic

Birdman's rap is better three 6 Mafia

20 N.Y.C.

Best Singer, Best song. Rudolf Should be # 1

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