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1 I Made It (Cash Money Heroes) I Made It (Cash Money Heroes) Cover Art

When 3 great singers combine a spectacular song is created. Which is this one. It is a electrifying song. First when I heard this song I felt like some energy is comin within me. I think everybody should listen this song.

The top four ARE the top four! In that order. This is actually the list I would have put on here myself. Rudolf is pretty cool and I hope he makes more songs as good as these few.

Amazing song! One of the best songs I have ever heard!
The song is so inspirational and the lyrics are so good. He is the best.

It is the best song I have ever heard of kevin rudolf with jay sean and lil. Wayne I love the part when kevin rudolf came suddenly and said I made it
the number 1 singer I have ever heard after Michael jackson

2 Let It Rock Let It Rock Cover Art

I think that let it rock should be first because this is one of the most amazing songs I had ever heard. It's basically modern rock. I love all of his music!

I love this song! An absolutely amazing song never get bored with it. Too damned good, too damned good. Definitely the best song in his arsenal.

Let it Rock is a absolutely amazing song, it would definitely be in my top ten songs of all time. It is so addictive, Kevin Rudolf hit gold with this one

I love this song, is so amazing! I really like it... Rock never die! Is a awesome song, is rock= wow ah, is pop= ahhh! I love rock pop, rock rap, rock hip hop, rock, pop, rap, hip hop, I LOVE THE MUSIC!... And, I know there's a name for rock pop, rock rap, rock hip hop... , I just was kidding but I LOVE THE MUSIC, I LOVE THE WORLD! Peace and love!

3 Welcome to the World Welcome to the World Cover Art

I don't know why I love this song, I just find that it is VERY fun to listen to. It is very repetitive. However, it is the type of repetition that I like. It is not boring where you hope that the song finally ends!

4 Here's to Us
5 Don't Give Up Don't Give Up Cover Art

Dude this is like one of the best
Should be number 1
A very motivational songs for people who think they have lost in some challenge of life
The lyrics are absolutely wonderful...

Easily the best Kevin Rudolf song.. Surprised to see it way down at 10

6 Without You Without You Cover Art
7 Watch Me Now Watch Me Now Cover Art
8 Love Letter

Out of this world

9 Levitate Levitate Cover Art
10 In the City In the City Cover Art

End of Watch!
Great movie, must see.
A great song for a great movie.

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11 Champions Champions Cover Art
12 Coffee and Donuts Coffee and Donuts Cover Art
13 You Make the Rain Fall You Make the Rain Fall Cover Art
14 She Can Get It She Can Get It Cover Art

This is definitely one of his best songs. Fun, catchy, good melody and nice song in general. Should be higher than seventh! :D

15 Do You Feel Me? Do You Feel Me? Cover Art
16 Gimme a Sign Gimme a Sign Cover Art
17 Just Say So Just Say So Cover Art
18 Don't Cry Don't Cry Cover Art
19 No Way Out No Way Out Cover Art
20 All Mine
21 Scarred Scarred Cover Art
22 Big Timer Big Timer Cover Art
23 Late Night Automatic Late Night Automatic Cover Art
24 N.Y.C. N.Y.C. Cover Art

Best Singer, Best song. Rudolf Should be # 1

25 Shooting Star Shooting Star Cover Art
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