Best Keyshia Cole Songs


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1 I Remember
2 Trust and Believe

Ii love this song and this is so true.

3 Enough of No Love

I didn't know who she was until I heard this song

4 Let It Go

Featuring Lil' Kim and Missy Elliott - MatrixGuy

5 Shoulda Let You Go
6 Trust
7 Heaven Sent

Excellent song I can relate

8 Woman to Woman
9 Hey Sexy
10 Love

The Contenders

11 You Complete Me V 1 Comment
12 I Choose You
13 Take Me Away
14 Fallin' Out

It's a amazing song and I'm not sure why it's not on the top 10?!

15 I Changed My Mind
16 Never
17 Long Way Down
18 Stubborn
19 I Should Have Cheated
20 This Is Us
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1. I Remember
2. Shoulda Let You Go
3. Let It Go
1. Trust and Believe
2. Woman to Woman
3. I Remember
1. Hey Sexy
2. I Remember
3. Fallin' Out



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