Best Kickin' It Characters


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1 Jack

Jack is going to be a cool kid

Jack is so cute.

He's cool

2 Kim

I love kim, I think she is pretty, nice, and don't care what people say about her so anybody who is saying bad stuff about these characters, you are making fun of the actors so people be nice, if you don't have anything nice to say then be quiet. How would you like it if somebody made fun of you, you would cry or get mad so how do you think it make then feel so please don't say anything mean

Shes the only girl and a second degree black belt. Shes pretty, funny, strong and awesome!

Kim is going to be a popular. Girl in the whole school

Kim is a total bad*** and amazing. She doesn't need boys and doesn't care what other people think

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3 Jerry

He was the funniest one I would watch the show just to see him say or do something funny and I like how sometimes he would scream like a girl.

I'm bouncing up and down on his bed - andre56

He is hot gotta admit it guys

He is hilarious

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4 Rudy

He's so funny and hilarious and adorable sometimes!

5 Milton

Milton your going to be a movie star and popular.

Milton is so funny and silly, make him number 1 - Sasukes_Princess

He's the funniest one.. None of the others are funny

I need to tell something to you I like jerry by

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6 Eddie

Not very funny but sweet he's cool

That's rassise just because he's black he is not voted high I'm never watching the show again

7 Falafel Phil

He is the funniest one. He has really good moments like Baby's Got The Noosh or Ricky on a Sticky

He is the funniest one. BABY's GOT THE NOOSH.

He is really funny
I think he is the funniest person In the show

8 Principal Funderburk
9 Frank
10 Sam Gillespie

The Contenders

11 Bobby Wasabi
12 Sensei Ty
13 Joan Malone

Awesome sauce

14 Marge
15 Sydney


16 Albert
17 Izzy Gunnar
18 Lonnie
19 Big Easy
20 Kai
21 Randy
22 Mika
23 Tootsie
24 Trent Darby
25 Meatball King
26 Murray
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