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41 Maniac Maniac

Beast! Trips you out if you are super duper hight! Use your imagination and you'll know what the song is about!

Great beat. Gotta love the beat and how he keeps the song dark and entertaining and funny - javananthonydavis

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42 Follow Me

Lyrical genius, look up lyrics and notice he is right with use every step of the way

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43 My World My World

This song is one of my favorites all time. Can't believe it's this low

I love this song and I feel it needs to be way higher up the list.

The song bring peace to my mind can't be that low

44 Cleveland Is the Reason V 4 Comments
45 Do It Alone

Listen to the lyrics! This song deserves to be higher!

Such a good song to just chill to it's my favorite song

Struggle is the enemy, but WEED is the remedy

46 Hyyerr Hyyerr

By far his greatest song ever! Perfect stoner song

Relaxing, great flow. just puts me in a feel good mood!

Great flow, great melody. Chip and Cudi did it again and delivered a classic!

In my opinion his best song, crazy underrated

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47 No One Believes Me No One Believes Me

Deserves higher. Top 15 in my opinion. Very deep song song. Simple but unique.

This is the first song I heard by him.

48 Love V 1 Comment
49 Highs & Lows
50 I Be High

Unreleased song, But so awesome I think it's top 10 at in my opinion

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51 Solo Dolo, Pt. II Solo Dolo, Pt. II

Had good beats and it featured Kendrick Lamar. The only problem is that it didn't have the dark mood like from Solo Dolo. No doubt one of the best songs on Indicud

52 Maui Wowie
53 Efflictim
54 Satellite Flight

By far his best new song.

Definitely top 10 worthy

55 Don't Play This Song Don't Play This Song

Probably because he told people not to play it

How do more people not like this song? Cudi kills it!

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56 Capcom Capcom more. V 2 Comments
57 Brothers Brothers

One of his most under appreciated songs by far

People love to hate on Indicud which is a shame cause it had so many bangers. If this was on Man on the Moon it would of definitely have gotten the praise it deserves.

I'm honestly surprised this song isn't higher up, the beat is undeniable and the lyrics spit truth. Awesome song overall and it always has me groovin

58 All Summer

Such a Happy song and catchy.

59 The Upper Room
60 Symphonies Symphonies

The best song in the world! That brings me back to 2010 in my New Zealand's trip.

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