Best Kids In Glass Houses Songs

I've been searching for a list on Kids in Glass houses and I found none so I decided to make my own.

The Top Ten

1 Matters at All

1. Matters At All
2. Hunt The Haunted
3. Give Me What I Want
4. Young Blood (Let It Out)
5. Easy Tiger
At the moment this list is completely wrong, get it sorted people asap! There now I can post.

2 Give Me What I Want
3 Dance All Night
4 Young Blood (Let It Out)

Probably their heaviest song along with Hunt The Haunted, they perform this live very well.

5 The Best Is Yet to Come

My favourite song of their's. This has a little bit less rock and features more lyrics, which is what I want to hear.

6 Lovely Bones
7 Hunt the Haunted
8 Undercover Lover
9 Easy Tiger

Should be in the top 5 at least. Was their first "single" and it's still one of their best songs, really catchy.

This is number one, it was their first single so it's special in that sense. I still listen to this nowadays, so catchy. Matters At All is great too by the way.

10 Fisticuffs

The Contenders

11 Diamond Days
12 Good Boys Gone Rad
13 Lilli Rose
14 Animals

Fantastic song, gets me hyped. Should be number 1; top five at least.

15 The Morning Afterlife

Dude this is their best song! How come it is not even in the list! - balavishal

Guys this is THE song! It defines them! Please listen to it! - balavishal

16 Pillow Talk
17 Sunshine
18 Girls

Those dirty GIRLS GIRLS, they're gonna steal your heart away

19 Saturday
20 Shameless
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