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Kids React is a internet show made by The Fine Bros. and it immediately became an internet sensation. The kids are what make the show great, but which kids, whether in a few or almost all episodes, are the best?

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41 Paris

She's really pretty and I love her reactions

She is very mature and a great girl that will achieve in life

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42 Thomas

He's SO cute and funny too

Does he have social media or something? I tried to find him but couldn't! Anyways, I just really love Thomas because he's so funny and like really really good looking. And he knows how to pull off long hair!

But What Is Your Name?

Thomas you are really down to are handsome, beautiful and super nice,i love led zepplin and 60s music.i'm a total Beatles, janis joplin, and Pink Floyd fan. I am going on teens react when I'm 14 I'm 13 now (2016)

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43 Jackson

If I had to choose a favorite kid, it would be Jackson! He's adorable, plus his hair and eyes are amazing. I'm staying a Jackson fan

He is so cool and only 12 and I can't find his social media accounts.

He seems like a really cool kid!

He’s so adorable and handsome! All the love for him if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t keep watching kids react! ♥️ I love him so much and I’m so happy that he followed each on instagram you have no idea how excited I was I’m his biggest fan! 😍♥️ And I’m 13 like him and he’s older then me just in 25 days😍♥️

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44 Jeannie

She is so funny and awesome

She is very pretty

45 Madison

Come on people Madison rocks. I bet you're all jealous of her.she is nice,funny and smart. She should totally be #1

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46 Anita

I think I might be the only person who agrees that people getting hurt isn't funny. I still don't get how she thinks that fish looked liked ramen though. I voted for her cause she's just better than the others, she also knows gravity falls 0w0

In the Metallica episode almost everyone else said it was too annoying and loud but she gets music and likes classical music

'She has attitude' is stating that people getting hurt isn't funny attitude?

'when I was little'. LMAO

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47 Kelis

I love her accent

I don't know why

48 Amelia-Lauren

She's so positive and "perky," but in a good way. And she says the cutest things on her videos. I wish I was her friend, though :(

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49 Zak

He's Cute and He's Funny, Smart too

50 Sammie

Sammie is so adorable, I love her answers she is so innocent its adorable

Oh my why isn't she on first place? 10.000 votes by me

Sammie is so cute! Why isn't she on the first place!? This isn't right!

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51 Rachel
52 Tori

She's really nice and she's always so funny. I like her.

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53 Adam

I remember Adam

54 Chloe

Chloe is so pretty and funny,I wish I could meet her and be her friend

55 Rae
56 Alie

She's a lot more shy than the rest and I get a strange feeling that she was probably bullied when she was young which made her want to stick out, and yet she still has deep and thoughtful pieces on a lot of subjects. And she's one of the more naturally beautiful girls on the show.

She's beautiful as hell, I love her so much. She really have these amazing opinions and she's so SWAG I'M USING THE WORD SWAG

And this is coming all the way from Finland.

Funny weird Still the BEST she my love but also morgan better plus LIA

She's hella cute, love a cool hipster/punk chick

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57 Hunter
58 Claudia

I love Claudia cause she is cute and hot I love her so much

I love her and I just found out she got her braces taken off

She's really hot and gets into the spirit of each episode.

How is she not higher

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59 Tyler

If you watch The How Animals Eat Their Food his laugh is hilarious! Why isn't it on the Skype laughter chain?

I agree he's so cute! By the way how old is he?

I love Tyler f he's adorable and has a great opinion on everymtopic like slap her and he's my favorite love you Tyler

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60 Brooke-Monae

Shes so hilarious I always just die laughing I always search for episodes with her in it she is so hilarious and amazing.

Loved her in rotary phones!

She is one of the new kids, but her expressions are funny!

Shes really funny

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