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221 Justin & the Knights of Valor
222 Journey to the Center of the Earth
223 Over the Hedge V 1 Comment
224 One Direction: This Is Us V 1 Comment
225 Goosebumps V 1 Comment
226 Lots and Lots of Trains Vol.1
227 Descendants
228 Spider's Web: a Pig's Tale
229 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
230 The Good Dinosaur

Spot's acting is not good for kids.

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231 Kung Fu Panda 3

Great action, good for kids. It's a little dark for kids but the story is good for kids.

232 Rise of the Guardians

This movie is so awesome and it includes holidays like Christmas and Easter.

Been for 4 years already and someone has finally put this here.

233 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This is for kids a bit. Spider-Man is the only superhero who is kid friendly.

This is so dark but the past films are good for kids.

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234 The Jungle Book (2016)

How do you even know it's good for kids even it's not released yet?

The Trailer is the reason. And what on earth its clearly not for kids.

235 Pixels

What I hate about Adam Sandler is that it's annoying to see him always partnering with Kevin James, especially in Hotel Transylvania and Grown-Ups.

How come kids have seen this? It's not good for them to see video game characters attacking earth and hearing allot of swear words.

This is the worlds most violent movie of the year (more than Star Wars). It has a billion swear words and a dozen adult situations.

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236 Lego Batman: The Movie

This is upcoming. I've seen this preview in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. They used the same Batman and the same voice from The Lego Movie. This is the Lego movie sequel.

237 Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Yo, this is not for kids! This is very violent like in other DC films. Although, kids probably loved this.

238 Sonic X: The Shadow Snow
239 Sonic X: Revenge of Sonic
240 Sonic X: Return to Soleanna
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