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61 Wall-E

Should be within top 10!

62 Chicken Little
63 The Land Before Time

Should be in the top 5! - BeanBag343

64 Big

Tom Hanks portraying a child trapped in a mans body. He really is a great character actor

This in my opinion is almost one of the worst kids movies its just why add sexual content in a family movie I mean there's a scene where the boy as a grown man is having some kind of a relationship with a women who's about what 16 years older so there's a scene where the boy and women almost have sex but thank god it doesn't go anywhere and yeah some of the characters are unlikeable like the guy who used to work with the women played by Perkins the same women who plays Wilma in the live action flintstones movie is a total jerk and I think he's the same guy who plays the father in the first two home alone movies and yeah I just don't get why people love it and consider it a cult classic because I think even something like little monsters was better than this and I never laughed once at the film not even a chuckle and just ugh I really don't like this movie and I do consider it as one of the worst comedy movies and I know a lot of you are gonna hate for it but hey at least I don't ...more

65 Spooky Buddies
66 Cars

I love Cars since I first watched it!

How is that number 97? It should be at least top five

Great Movie

67 Pokemon the First Movie
68 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

The greatest of all the HarrY Potter films, and also was a great book! This movie is the true Harry Potter, not the darkness in today's movies!

HarrY Potter 1 used to be a great family movie, but it fell into the dark times. This is unforgettable for every member of the family!

Definition of a TRUE family movie! Funny, interesting, unique, based on a book and thrilling!

Its called the greatest, but what about Snape's protection for the Philosopher's Stone BIG mistake. Remember this, the sorting hat never sang, they never sang the school song. Peeves? Why is the Bloody Baron cheerful flying through the Slytherin table. They never shown the Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff match and Snape confronted Quirrel in a dark corridor instead of the Forest when Harry flies over to see, never mention Gryffindor losing to Ravenclaw because Harry was in hospital. Neville was in detention in the books, Ron was in hospital because Norbert bit him, Harry and Hermione took Norbert to Charlie's friends but forget the Invisibility Cloak and Neville was out to warn them about Malfoy It's the cutest movie, none of them are perfect, they are very detailed books.

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69 Alice in Wonderland
70 The Jungle Book
71 Spy Kids
72 Minions

This movie was an insult to Despicable Me 1 & 2

There Are People Who Like This Move And Have The Right To Their Opinion

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73 The Parent Trap (1998)

Barely a kids movie, it had some drinking and sexual dialogue.

Teens are counted as kids you are kid by law till 18.

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74 The Santa Clause

Especially if the kid's parents are divorced - Ajkloth

75 Cars 2

A racing movie plus a tint of spy action equals awesomeness

This is violent, but not so much.

The reason why Toy Story 2 is higher than this is because it's a story about friendship and it is totally family friendly. People say that it's for kids just because of toys but it's because there is a lesson about stealing things without permision.

Cars 2, a boring film and one of the worst Pixar film ever. Cars are so rough with guns and weapons. It's supposed to be PG for violence. The battles were ok but the plot is terrible.

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76 Turbo
77 Matilda V 1 Comment
78 How to Train Your Dragon 2 V 1 Comment
79 Kung Fu Panda

Furious five? Sounds like Fast and Furious 5

The action is amazing because you fight shi fu,tai lung,the furious five and more

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80 Snow Day
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