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1 Kids React to Smosh

Kids react and Smosh in one video? All the YouTube sensations I love in one? Is this real life?

What makes it even funnier is Smosh reacts to this video. Watching their reactions to "Let me eat the sushi with my blood on it" was absolutely hilarious.

It was so funny!
Let me eat the sushi with my blood on it!

"Then we eat the sushi with my blood on it! " - Dylan. - Catacorn

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2 Kids React to Charlie the Unicorn

That 5 year old girl was hilarious

3 Kids React to Gay Marriage

They were all very mature and spoke beautifully.

They were mature, they spoke words of truth, buetafully created.

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4 Kids React to Sittin On Tha Toilet

This episode was awesome but not better than Harlem shake and I hated that you didn't putted Sydney in it she was the perfect person for this episode. If you read this Sydney please send email at

Sittin' on the toilet - PeeledBanana

5 Kids React to Rebecca Black - Friday

Hilariously true. And funny and awesome sause the kids in it were all swag.

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6 Kids React to Nyan Cat

This video was HILARIOUS! - RiverClanRocks

It's amazing

Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan
I liked every Morgan's comment is very cute...

7 Kids React to The Beatles

So nice to know that most of these kids knew who the Beatles are and loved them. But that one girl who said that Justin Bieber is the best person of all time, get a life!

At least they know who The Beatles are, because whenever someone mentions them today, its like "They are for old people and they suck" like, no, they're legends - kaitlynrad11

They were all so sweet and showed love and respect for The Beatles.

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8 Kids React to Greatest Freak Out Ever
9 Kids React to Keyboard Cat
10 Kids React to Hatsune Miku

Sadly, they didn't know who she was :'( - Catacorn

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11 Kids React to Numa Numa

NUMA NUMA is the savage to be - ProPanda

Numa he numa ho

12 Kids React to 2 Girls 1 Cup

It's so funny that someone put that on here

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13 Kids React to le Internet Medley
14 Kids React to Walkmans (Technology)
15 Kids React to Metallica

It was interesting, but that Evan kid made me choke while I was eating strawberries when he said he saw Kylie Jenner wearing a Metallica shirt... depressing. But, at least the Morgan black girl kid and the Anita curly hair flower crown and the Tyler boy with the captain murica shirt gave me some hope! I like how Morgan was really smart and realized how it all comes together... *sniff*. Also, the Anita kid was adorable, she realized how much talent it is to play a guitar like that, and her headbanging was so adorable, her flower crown came off!. She said she was ok with the first song but liked it even more with the older ones. Then, Tyler. Just. So. Cool. Future medal heads here! All in all, I loved Metallica's songs when I was younger, I'm 14, and it made me feel so old for kids comparing this to Nirvana, thinking it's the rolling stones, and sAYING IT doesn't CLASSIFY AS MUSIC! UGH... but, at least those 3 kids made me have hope.

Why this episode sucked all the kids except the black one and the flower one were ugly and stupid

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16 Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial

Race is sensitive, even in America... Sometime people are close minded and have little open minded. At the first time I don't what's matter with the commercial until the fine brother explain. by the way, cheerios is food or detergen?

The only episode of Kids React where I agreed 100% with everything the kids said!

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17 Kids React to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Ahh. why share that with kids. they will so have nightmares

Reminds me of first I saw Harry Potter's movie in early 21 century. Kids react comment were make me realize especially when Voldemort scream hehe when serious becomes funny thing. By the way, I read 1-4 and still on going I wanna know difference between books and movies. This episode espeacially must see

18 Kids React to Going to the Store
19 Kids React to Old Computers
20 Kids React to Rotary Phones
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