My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a children's animated fantasy television series developed by Lauren Faust, produced by Hasbro Studios and DHX Media Vancouver . Despite the target demographic of young girls, Friendship Is Magic has also gained a large following of older viewers, mainly young and more.


I don't get why people are hating on this shows because of the fandom! We are at talking about the show! Who gives a cap about who the fandom is! I don't care if there are bronies. That just goes to show that the show is THAT good! I'm a girl so I'm not a brony, but insulting the show because of the fandom is dumb. That's like you stupid Steven's Universe haters saying the show is bad because the fandom is bad. (I'm not a hater by the way.) The fandom is CAUSED by the good show, not the other way around. This show is good and no one should give a crap if the fandom is trash. Just the show. Only focus on the show. That's what the list is for. If you're looking for the worst FANDOMS, find another list to hate on.

1: Characters. In MLP, there are no stereotypes. All of the characters are flawed, Good role models who are all very unique. Plus, it's likely you'll find at least one mane 6 pony you can relate to, and sometimes even more. None of the characters are Mary Sues, and they all have amazing designs and color schemes.

2: Lore. One of the things easy to overlook is how much backstory there is behind the show. Even though the holidays in our world are different from the ones in the pony world, they still have explanations. One example of this is Hearth's warming eve, which happens around the same time as Christmas in our world. It celebrates the founding of Equestria. Also, there's a backstory for everything, to what magic really is to why the ponies are colorful to why there are 4 different species, plus even more.

3: Art/Animation. Ok, so it's animated in flash. Honestly this is by far the BEST flash animation I have ever seen. Everything is so smooth, and it gets better ...more

This show is worshipped by the most retarded fanboys ever! Just look at the boys whining "This is the best show ever! " They are almost as stupid as Minecraft fanboys!

Hey, mrstupidface, this show is for kids. If you think this show is stupid, then how do you know it is? Do you watch it? Because you don't really know something until you actually experience it. Plus, I think you are wrong. I heard people watching this show changed their lives. They were taught something. Sure, you might find me sounding like an idiot, but what I'm saying, is that, you shouldn't judge people what they like. Sure, this might be weird, but, oh well, they like what they like. You may think what you want, but there's no way you can intimidate these "bronies" and try to end the series. - airplain313

Best show for kids and for the whole family. Great songs, characters and animation. It teaches good values. A lot of story and character development. This series will end up having like 9 seasons and even better: it's likely to keep going as a new generation/series.

What the hell, this is the Justin beiber of cartoons (grabs popcorn, sheild and gun).

My little pony is a great show. The false accusations about bronies should stop. My little Pony makes and brings Friendship around the world. If people stop judging others and got to know some Bronies they might find out what wonderful people they are.

! Why is this on the list? This show sucks. I really hate Twilight (weird, ugly) Pinkie Pie (talks too much) Rainbow Dash (a bragger) Fluttershy (a coward) Rarity (bleh, too girly) and Applejack (stupid) I want to DESTROY Ponyville. I ALSO HATE THAT LITTLE TWERP SPIKE! He sucks just like the ponies. Cancel this show.

I know many people out there hate us bronies and pegasisters, but there is no reason to call us perverts and whatever other crap you guys say about us. I see people like other things like mickey mouse and things that are for even younger crowds and you don't say anything to them. So what they are males, they are people who simply like the show.Not because they want to have "sex" with horses. COME ON grow the heck up. We are not perverts and we are not creepy. We like what we like and that should be okay.

All those haters out there should respect the little girls who love to watch it instead of wanting it to end because of the bronies.

Please, do not like this show. There are tons of shows way better. This is garbage!

Best kid's show EVER EVER EVER! Oh, I'm sorry, am I an idiot for liking something?!?!

Annoying fan base which thinks it is manly. Since when is MLP supposed to be manly? What the hell just happened to the world?

How can you not fall in love with this cartoon? All the characters are so adorable that you just want to reach through the screen and hug them.

I'm a shameless MLP fan. I just think the show is entertaining and cute. People are allowed to have their own opinions on this show and I don't see anything wrong with disliking it. If that's how you feel, then that's fine. It doesn't stop me from watching it.

Peace out.

MLP only has a bad reputation because of the fan art and Bronies.

Can people have some respect for the girls who like this show? Not everyone who's a fan of MLP is a Bronie.

Also, girl fans of MLP are shown to be THE MOST KIND AND FRIENDLY PEOPLE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD because they watch the show, which teaches them kindness, and many also believe that every trouble will be sorted with kindness.

An inspirational show that got wrecked by retarded haters and extremely depressed Bronies. I used to like this show and I continue to hate the haters who don't have enough common sense to realise that not every fan is a grown adult. The people who made the show made their target watchers kids and a few Bronies got caught in the web, and it's not even the show's fault. - LemonComputer

All you haters are criticizing this show, accidentally giving it the high place it deserves. Talk about backfiring. - JayJayPlane

This show is boring. What's so good about it?

This show is so terrible, anytime I see it in feel to dig my eyes out and plug my ears, why is it so high?

Lets work and get this to the top!

Look, I LOVE ponies. Please just let me love my show AND LEAVE MY FANDOM ALONE

This show is for people that doesn't have a life

People who try to vote this show to number 1 are either drunk or retarded. If you vote this show, we can tell you're a brony-tard, so I'll be watching you!

You do know that your comment counts as a vote right? You're basically insulting yourself. - regularponyfan09

This show isn't my favorite but it would probably be #20 on my list

If this many people hate the show, then why is it even on this list? I think it's better than the previous generations to be honest. 1. The characters are more creative and humorous. And 2. The plot in each episode is WAY better than G1-G3 stuff. It even has an entire FANBASE even though it was aimed for younger audiences. This is better than Dora and Caillou at least.