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81 Ben 10 Ben 10

One of the most overrated shows ever, and tries to imitate anime. - Goatworlds

I used to love Ben 10 when I was 7.

Not bad but I don't like it

it is good

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82 Chuggington

Thomas & Friends rip off.

Thomas and friends is better than this dumb ass show! This is a rip off of Thomas And Friends!

I like seasons 4 and beyond but the previous seasons are annoying.

Just weird very very weird should be at the top of the nono list

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83 Mr. Young Mr. Young Mr. Young is a Canadian comedy series that premiered on March 1, 2011 on YTV. The series was filmed in Burnaby, British Columbia. The series was created by Dan Signer (who also worked on shows such as The Suite Life on Deck and A.N.T. Farm), and stars Brendan Meyer, Matreya Fedor and Gig Morton as attendees more.
84 Johnny Test Johnny Test Johnny Test is an American-Canadian animated television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation, for the first season, and Cookie Jar, for the remainder of the series.

It's a ripoff of Dexter's Laboratory. - Discord

My (sort of) identical friend who likes the same as me loves this, I hate it!

This show is retarded. Why is it on here?


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85 Johnny Bravo Johnny Bravo Johnny Bravo is an American animated television series created by Van Partible for Cartoon Network, and the second of the network's Cartoon Cartoons.

A pretty darn underrated show.

This show was amazing. Its hillarius and brilliant. It's a classic that should never be forgotten

I love it

Why is this below Johny test? We all know who the best Johny is.

86 Incredible Crew Incredible Crew Incredible Crew is an American sketch comedy television series, created by Nick Cannon for Cartoon Network.

This show, I know, really sucked! This was probably the last live-action show on Cartoon Network! The thing is every live-action show that's ever been on Cartoon Network is crap, that's why it gets cancelled! Their name is Cartoon Network, and they're disrespecting their name to make live-action shows!

This show was funny. I can't believe they only made 13 episodes and then canceled it.

I loved this show. they ended because they ran out of ideas and the actors and actresses got humiliated

A lot of people say it's a bad show. It is, But I've seen worst!

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87 The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Inappropriate for anyone under 9, talks too much about sex.

This show is one of the best Disney shows ever and therefore should be much higher on this list. Easily in the top 50, maybe even top 10.

Great show. Part of my childhood

love it

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88 Viva Pinata

Lol isn’t this a video game for Xbox 360. It’s a cool gardening game but I never seen the show.

89 The Suite Life On Deck The Suite Life On Deck The Suite Life on Deck is an American sitcom that aired on Disney Channel from September 26, 2008 to May 6, 2011. It is a sequel/spin-off of the Disney Channel Original Series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

A spinoff of Zack & Cody that's not ok for anyone under 9 or under puberty, too much sexual content for anyone under that age.

What do you mean? I love this!

It's wasn't much of a kids show because it had content that was not appropriate for anyone under 9. - nelsonerico6

I loved this show so much - Kean420

Awesome show

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90 Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball is a Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation. It made anime popular in America and is based on the manga of the same name by Akira Toriyama. It was dubbed in English on Cartoon Networks Toonami block and still has many fans today.

Not a kids show, it's a fantastic anime, but it's not for kids.

Dragon Ball is the worst anime ever

It shows nuddity

91 The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Best show ever I mean they finally made a show they always make video games

Wow! Mario sounded different in the show. Now he sounded more Italian.

This show is the best

I like it but prefer SMB3

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92 Fraggle Rock

I used to love this show back then

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93 That's So Raven That's So Raven That's So Raven is an American supernatural teen sitcom television series. It debuted on the Disney Channel on January 17, 2003, and ended its run on November 10, 2007. The show had a spin-off series, Cory in the House. The series was nominated in 2005 and 2007 for Emmy Awards for Outstanding Children's more.
94 Dragons: Riders of Berk
95 Pocoyo

It is funny. Pocoyo, Ellie the Elephant and Pato the Duck are hilarious! Lol

Come on people this is for babies watch something that makes more sense like fetch

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96 Ninjago

Love this show, much better than some of the things above's very appropriate for kids, and has no "adult jokes" that I know about. There is no bad language, and even though it has a little bit of violence, there is no gore or blood, or anything extreme!

This is so for all kids! I really enjoy it! It has no bad words and if the worst word is stupid you know it is a very good/safe show. - NintendoMaster853

Most people it should be #246 I believe by watched more new episodes we can make it at least in the top 10

Can't wait for the movie

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97 Henry Danger Henry Danger Henry Danger is an American superhero sitcom television series airing on Nickelodeon. The series was created by Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen. The series revolves around a 13-year-old boy who becomes the sidekick of a local superhero. On March 2, 2017, Nickelodeon announced that a new animated series, more.

I love this show one of my favorites

This Show cool.

A boy who can chew gum and turn into a superhero? So amazing!

number 1

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98 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is an American computer-animated interactive children's television series which aired from May 5, 2006, to November 6, 2016. The series, Disney Television Animation's first computer animated series, is aimed at preschoolers.

Oh, why is THIS here?! This show took EVERYTHING I loved about Mickey Mouse and RUINED it! DIE, DIE! BURNED WITH FIRE!

At least it isn't as bad as that new Disney remake, with that one episode where it's literally about stripping in public. Complete utter rubbish

Disney Junior just wants to Make Mickey Mouse a BABYS show. I hate Disney Jr so much. I want it to end. It takes EVERYTHING you love about the show. - EpicJake

Why is this on here! This show makes mickey look dumber than dora! I love mickey they ruined it!


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99 Paw Patrol Paw Patrol PAW Patrol is an Canadian animated television series created by Keith Chapman. It is produced by Spin Master Entertainment with animation provided by Guru Studio. In Canada, the series is primarily broadcast on TVOKids, which first ran previews of the show in August 2013. The series first aired on Nickelodeon more.

The worst Why? Because it's nonsensical, encouraging of bad morals and laziness, filled with literal endless product placements, mean-spirited, glorifying of anti-feminism, inappropriate, bland, dull, ugly, and just plain wrong!

It good people - Minecraftisawesone

THIS SHOW ROCKS! You know that TTTE is on this list so why the heck shouldn't this be here! 1 episode (the third last episode of the second season) had a remake by me and it is partially based off S3 E4 OF THOMAS AND FRIENDS! Not only that, but that remake also FEATURES the FORMULA ONE DRIVERS! I'm not the only one who loves it! my friend sereen also loves it! as so does another friend of mine, Douglas "doug" Johnson!

100 Dragon Ball GT Dragon Ball GT

This is more of a kids show the the others

Worst Dargon ball anime ever - Goatworlds

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