Teen Titans Go!

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'Teen Titans Go!' is an American animated television series produced by Cartoon Network. The show follows a superhero group called the Teen Titans, and shows what happens when they go home and have silly adventures. This show is Cartoon Network's revival of the popular 2003-2006 American animated television ...read more.


Please take this show off the list its horrible.

Teen Titans Go replaced a beloved show, Teen Titans. Teen Titans was a great anime because it actually had good plots, relatable moments and deep scenes. Teen Titans Go looks like it should be recommended for 5 year olds.

The characters are stupid, the only smart one is raven.

The episodes are lazy and rip-offs of over show episodes

Lazy colouring and animation

Annoying voices that may rip your ears off

Bad jokes, corny ideas.

Bad lessons, teaches your kids to do drugs and other bad things

Don't let your kids watch this show or they might get a disorder

Teen titans go on is a good show the problem with it its that the show is not as good as original but Iike it the show is perfect for kids but for older people it can cause problems you wanna know what sucks total drama all stars but I liked all stars a little don't you think your being a little to much hatred of teen titans go I heard its ranked the third most watched show in history in my opinion I like teen titans go and the original I 50% like teen titans go I 50% teen titans my opinion of what I like better is the most balanced batman the killing joke I didn't like at all I found painful to watch its boring its stupid the modern family guy is also the worst if you guys agree or disagree with me that's fine it's my own silly stupid opinion I also like uncle grandpa

Why is this show even here!? This show makes the original Teen Titans look really bad! So, whoever said "Watch watch watch! ", Teen Titans Go! Should die die die!

WHY. I'm just going to go all out here and say, this show is trash. It's such a step down from the original version, which was, in my opinion, on of the best animated T.V. shows there was. The characters are shallow shells of their former shells, the episodes have no consistency, and let's face it, the plotlines are not humorous at all, except to the nine-year-olds who enjoy it (waves to the 3% that voted for this). Either way, this show is ridiculous, and not in a good way.

This show was trash, the original was ten times as good as this garbage show. It seems like it was made for little kids, unlike the original Teen Titans show, which had a more serious tone and an overall better script. There was an actual story as well, compared to the random things going on in titans tower.

I was hoping that this show would be more like the original, but NO. It has to be a crappy, poorly made version of them. I respect everyone's opinions, but I think this show was created by a bunch of drug addicts

Do not let your children see Teen Titans Go! They will be brainwashed into acting like immature 5 year olds, and act like some the characters in the show. Let your kids watch good shows like Teen Titans (Original Anime) BUT NEVER LET THEM WATCH TTG! It will make your kids grow up to be complete idiots! They'll never get married, they'll never get a job and they'll never afford a house. - SheepBuggy

No, dumb episodes, I am 8 I should love this but no, it has dumb parts, robin has a crush on starfire, this should be called 'the kiss cartoon! ' ha ha ha such a funny show, it is dumb.

My best friend loves this show so much but I never understood why she loves it so much. I hate this show so much although I have never been rude about it if someone were to ask me what show do I hate the most I would say Teen Titans Go!

Well, the old Teen Titans was good, but I think that this is a better solution for kids. I really don't know which one's better, I just love the characters and main idea in general

THIS SHOW IS AWFUL! Robin and Raven used to be my favorite characters, now this show is making them look like they don't know why the world goes round!

I LOVE TEEN TITANS GO! You guys should actually watch it and not just hate on it because it replaced the original! I think people act to babyish about a kids show. No offense.

Annoying oranges idea that's right anyone says this show is good goes to hades and they mistaken the terminator death stroke he's human he's now a skeleton plain stupid bad home too

WHY? WHY IS THIS #7? THIS SHOULDN'T BE ON THE LIST! Whoever voted for this should hang themselves from a noose.

Nice animation! Copy of the original Teen Titans but still very good indeed. (Reply me why many people hate this show)

Ah I just love it is so much fun to watch I love it so funny and I love the games are fun to play with I love it so much because it is so cute when robin acts like a cat.

I like dc but the teen titans I've killed many with Deathstroke DEATHSTROKE DEATH STROKE DEATHSTROKE DEATHSTROKE and that's it I'd rather use gala thus to kill em I can think of one this I like of this show by the way who ever said this show is good please get smashed by Thor's hammer

This show is awesome! People need to give it a chance. I recommend watching mid way/ towards the end of season 1

Old teen titans was the better one. Now lets watch a sequel of TT called Teen Titans Go! But this show sucks. This show made the teen titans too stupid and talk about even more comedy. Every single episode has people being fat.

Whoever put teen titans go here does not know that the original teen titans is better then this piece of garbage so please take this off this list

If this is not your vote, as well as having a bad taste, you mightn't wanna go to Jump City. We are awesome so vote for us!

Many people say this shows bad because it doesn't represent the old teen titans but they don't understand that it's there for the comedy value and In my opinion this show is grate all the charterers are so cool to

Please don't show this to your kids. Its really sexual and gross!

Why is the worst cartoon network show on here? Let alone almost in the top ten?! This show should be removed from this list! - Gehenna

I saw a peek at the old episodes. It was FANTASTIC! Oh I they would bring them back.