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1 Hot Fuss

Mr. Brightside, Somebody Told Me, Smile like you mean it, Jenny Was a Friend of Mine, Change Your Mind, etc... - williamrozario

4. Battle born
3. Day and Age
2. Sam's Town
1. Hot Fuss

2 Sam's Town

When You Were Young, Read My Mind, Sams Town, This River is Wild, Exitlude, etc... - williamrozario

3 Day & Age

Spaceman, A Dustland Fairytale, Human - williamrozario

Hey hey, that's best work of them

4 Battle Born

Battle Born, Here With Me, Miss Atomic Bomb, Flesh and Bone, Deadlines and Commitments, Runaways, Carry me Home, etc... - williamrozario

This has to be above Sams town, only because the whole album is filled with great songs. That album is gold - MTDiorio19

5 Direct Hits
6 Sawdust

Sam's Town (Live from Abbey Road), All the Pretty Faces, Tranquilize, Shadowplay - williamrozario

Sooo underrated.. Under the gun and all the pretty faces are superb, the rest is very good too

7 Wonderful Wonderful

They're back guys!

This album is Wonderful (Wonderful). :P

No seriously it’s great. - MTDiorio19

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1. Hot Fuss
2. Sam's Town
3. Day & Age
1. Hot Fuss
2. Sam's Town
3. Day & Age
1. Direct Hits
2. Hot Fuss
3. Battle Born

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