Best Kinds of Bread


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1 White

I love white bread. It's great for a sandwich and by itself.

Subway sub rolls (white)-- they are vegan which is rare for white bread, and best bread in world.

Best and make fatty und germany has the most sorts of bread

Just like in real life where being white is the best, jk

2 Wheat
3 Baguette

When I am in a country where there is no Baguette, I feel so lost. - LaoShan

Never tried it
Does it taste like French bread or Italian bread from Walmart?

4 Sourdough

Sourdough made in San Francisco is exquisite. - mgenet

5 Garlic

I can eat garlic bread forever... And die a happy person! The nice, pungent smell of the garlic on warm, moist, toasty bread... Heaven!

Garlic Bread is the best. The smell and even the thought of it makes me drool Niagra Falls, and the taste of it makes my jaws go into overdrive. And it goes with almost anything. Personally, I like to dip mine in curry. But don't make it with cheese; that's all I ask. - PositronWildhawk

I love the taste of garlic bread! - Pegasister12

Garlic itself is disgusting but with bread (cooked), 👍🙀😮🧒👅🤑🍞

6 Cinnamon

name 1 person who doesn't like cinnemon bread or toast.

7 Focaccia
8 French

French bread is the best kind of bread ever! if u dont like it, you are annoying - drumbash21

9 Whole Wheat
10 Pumpernickel

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11 Ciabatta
12 Whole Grain

The healthiest. I don't go on tastes when it comes to health. - Kiteretsunu

13 Zucchini

Oh My God I LOVE ZUCCHINI BREAD! My BFF's mom makes the best she put so much chocolate chips you can't even taste the zucchin

14 Rye

Rye bread is healthy and good.

15 Cornbread
16 Olive
17 Chocolate
18 Banana
19 Hallulla
20 Raisin
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1. White
2. Cinnamon
3. Wheat
1. Garlic
2. Baguette
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