Top 10 Best Kinds of School Teachers

The Top Ten Best Kinds of School Teachers

1 Nice Teachers

I've been so lucky, I've had some of the most kind and amazing teachers with the most pure and kind hearts ever

Everyone really likes my English teacher! She is so nice I wish I was I her homeroom! Favourite and best teacher. Never gives tests or homework, treats everyone fairly, does give detention(but only to the crap kids) not very strict, very chill... best teacher ever

Some strict teachers are nice but I hate the dramatic ones

Everyone likes my math teacher! He is funny and have some amazing jokes! Sometimes he can be mad, but he is OK though. He treats people fair and nicely. And teaching us positively. Anyways sorry for my bad English I am from Iran.

2 Funny Teachers

These teachers are usually very good at teaching as well because their sense of humor keeps the entire class engaged, though sometimes it is at the cost of another student. I've had a couple of teachers who liked to roast students. I found it hilarious. - KN

My maths teacher said that if you don't get mathematical humour you're not a mathematician. I second that comment. - PositronWildhawk

My history teacher will crack a joke when we are talking about something that's not funny for example, would come up with funny nicknames for people we are learning about.

Any teacher that can make me laugh and help me get a good education is an A+ teacher in my book. - DrewtheGamer98

3 Hot Teachers

hahahah for cryin out loud... couldn't agree more... these teachers make their students drool in class and makes them feel at home... I think I belong to this category... @_@

There is this really hot teacher and I was really disappointed when I wasn't in his class.

Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad, I'm hot for teacher- HOT FOR TEACHER, by Van Halen

I wish this high school I have a hot teacher and be late for class saying there is traffic

4 Teachers that Don't Give a Lot of Homework

My history teacher is strict but kind and he only gave us homework ONCE. Jealous?

My 7th grade social studies rarely gave out homework

Some of my college classes rarely gave out homework

I'm in the 5th grade and we never have homework
p.s. I'm not homeschooled

5 Young Teachers

Young teachers are often nicer and less mean than older teachers.

I beg to differ. In our school the young ones are the obnoxious ones.

Agreed, the older ones always call you a kid and annoy you on the fact of how older they are.

All of my teachers are in their 40s, is that young? - Mariomaster63

6 Good Teachers

Let's face it were running low on them.


7 Teachers that Let You Eat in Class
8 Teachers with ADHD


9 Teachers that Don't Give a Lot of Tests

Some of my college classes don't have tests

10 Teachers that are Always Willing to Help You

The Newcomers

? Sexy Teachers

my teachers are all nice but loads of students fall for this one teacher (female), most male students like her because of her body and her eyes, one had a boner, oh and she didn't see that, most girls got jealous of their boyfriends and some broke up, my friends (girls) actually like her as a teacher

The Contenders

11 Teachers that Don't Care If You Curse

So, like, no teachers? - sadical

12 Teachers that Don't Give Punish Work
13 Positive Teachers
14 Teachers that Let You Work to Your Potential
15 Teachers that are Fun


16 Teachers that Treat Everyone Equally
17 Teachers that are Late

One of my teachers in college overslept on the day of a test once. The class got cancelled. At least we got extra study time!

18 Teachers that Make Things We Learn Tolerable
19 Teachers that are Very Sarcastic

Sarcastic teachers are far more interesting, than just your average teacher. I have a few sarcastic teachers in my school. And they're hilarious as hell! - OnlyInDreams

The more sarcastic a teacher is the funnier they are

My homeroom teacher is very sarcastic but she’s funny and she always make me laugh

20 Teachers that Don't Let You Be Bored
21 Teachers that Tolerate Dancing in Class

I had a teacher that made kids sit in the hallway the whole class if anyone dabbed. - sadical

That's not ok

22 Teachers that Don't Give Homework on Fridays
23 Pretty Teachers

My teachers a boy so he is’nt pretty. - Carly19781

24 Strict Teachers

Why is this on the list?

GET OFF I HATE THESE - Kambochia12

25 Teachers that Show Movies in Class

I have had teachers who showed me awesome videos and movies in class. Thanks to them, I love Disney's Hercules, It's a Wonderful Life, the Godfather, and Jaws, just to name a few.

26 Teachers Who Wear Skinny Jeans/Leggings and Boots
27 Teachers that Give Free Food to Students
28 Teachers that Don't Notice Some Things that are Going On
29 Substitute Teachers
30 Teachers that Like the Same Music as You
31 Handsome Teachers

There good looking - Bikerninja1997

*cough* My MAPEH teacher *cough - RoseCandyMusic

32 Interesting Teachers
33 Teachers with Sense
34 Forgiving Teachers
35 Calm Teachers
36 Teachers that Don't Care If You Sleep in Class
37 Teachers Who Give You Presents and Gifts

In high school there were teachers who gave me things like school supplies, textbooks (including teacher's edition) and snacks from their offices.

38 Teachers that Sometimes Cancel Class
39 Teachers Who Allows You to Use the Computers in the Room Even If It’s Not for Their Class

In my college some of the classrooms have computers in them. Some of my classes don't even need the computers. In those classes I would sneak on them to watch a YouTube videos and go in random websites while also doing my work. The teachers don't even care.

40 Teachers that Want You to Succeed
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