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1 Nice Teachers

I've been so lucky, I've had some of the most kind and amazing teachers with the most pure and kind hearts ever

Some strict teachers are nice but I hate the dramatic ones

...hello. Meet my social studies and science teacher. She is THE nicest person ever. We have never gotten yelled at, only one hw assignment A WEEK, and you'll never get detention there.

I had several Teachers that I like except the few ones. - Bikerninja1997

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2 Hot Teachers

hahahah for cryin out loud... couldn't agree more... these teachers make their students drool in class and makes them feel at home... I think I belong to this category... @_@

There is this really hot teacher and I was really disappointed when I wasn't in his class.

My Mapeh teacher is h o t 😳😍 I'm trying not to have a crush on him because I'm a student and he's a teacher and he have a girlfriend 😢😢 - RoseCandyMusic

3 Funny Teachers

My maths teacher said that if you don't get mathematical humour you're not a mathematician. I second that comment. - PositronWildhawk

Any teacher that can make me laugh and help me get a good education is an A+ teacher in my book. - DrewtheGamer98

I like to just have a good laugh nothing serious just giggles

Our lifestyle orientation teacher.

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4 Teachers That Don't Give a Lot of Homework

My history teacher is strict but kind and he only gave us homework ONCE. Jealous?

I'm in the 5th grade and we never have homework
p.s. I'm not homeschooled

5 Young Teachers

I beg to differ. In our school the young ones are the obnoxious ones.

All of my teachers are in their 40s, is that young? - Mariomaster63

6 Teachers with ADHD


7 Teachers That Let You Eat In Thier Class
8 Teachers That Don't Give a Lot of Tests
9 Teachers That Don't Give Punish Work
10 Teachers That Don't Care If You Curse

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11 Teachers That Let You Work to Your Potential
12 Good Teachers

Let's face it were running low on them.

13 Teachers that are Always Willing to Help You
14 Teachers that Treat Everyone Equally
15 Pretty Teachers
16 Teachers That Don't Let You Be Bored
17 Teachers That Make Things We Learn Tolerable
18 Teachers That Tolerate Dancing in Class

That's not ok

19 Teachers That Don't Notice Some Things That Are Going On
20 Teachers That Are Very Sarcastic

The more sarcastic a teacher is the funnier they are

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