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21 Pictures of a City

This is a great Greg Lake KC song that is very jazzy and reminiscent of 21st Century Schizoid Man. Should at least be within the top 20.

22 The Night Watch

Beautifully constructed medieval-sounding lyrics and my favorite guitar solo (so far, at least) from king crimson. The only problem is how short it is. Lasting only 4 minutes, you just don't want it to end. If they had combined this with fracture or at least added some of Crimsons great instrumental work than hands down this would be my favorite song by them.

If I was ever to be on 'desert island discs' then this would be the KC one I took with me; a great example of a Crimso masterpiece not needing to be long. Also to be fair, the painting, which I have seen in Amsterdam, is magnificent.

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23 Book of Saturday

I just adore this song, it's my favorite one! I loved it from the first time I heard it and immediately I felt it. Awesome song

For me One of the best! Easy, clean but hits in deep

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24 Cat Food

No use to complain, if you're caught out in the rain; Your mother's quite insane; Cat food cat food cat food, AGAIN! Classic!

25 The Great Deceiver

Energetic, foreboding, amazing, so many adjectives describe a song that is criminally 32 spots away from where it should be (aka number 1)

Actually one of the most impressive KC riffs ever - damn fast, catchy, well-constructed

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26 Exiles

This song is absolutely beautiful in every way. I don't know why but I always compare it to Starless but I actually much prefer it. Fripp's guitar solo gives me chills and the Melotron is so haunting but the song always has a hopefulness about it. Few King crimson songs are actually uplifting and happy and this along with Islands are my two favorites that fit that description. The flute, the violin, everything just works perfectly in this song and it's so sad how people just look over this one.

A highlight of King Crimsons's songwriting prowess. Every sound works together, painting a perfectly soul-tearing landscape. The delicate melody of the guitar solo sometimes still brings tears to my eyes after all these years.

The best song on one of their best albums. Definitely overlooked.

27 Sailor's Tale

The first two minutes is the finest in the fashion of Soft Machine, and then Robert Fripp introduces the guitar to gently reminds you of the mastery that is Crimson. And then in the fourth minute, the full power of King Crimson kicks you straight in the crotch... And then a gentle denouement of Pink Floyd's "Echoes"...

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28 Elephant Talk

This song makes me want to play the chapman stick

A great way to start the Discipline album. - IronSabbathPriest

This song make me feel like watching discovery about Indian Elephants.Both Adrian and Flipp'solo are cool,also Levin's chapman stick from the start.

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29 The Power to Believe

Power to believe is honestly one of their best albums. Not to disrespect any of their older stuff, I just really like this album for some reason. I love their older stuff.

30 Matte Kudasai

That guitar is wonderful

31 The Devil's Triangle
32 One Time

Talking about time, this should be endless.

No King Crimson song matches "One Time"

33 Cadence and Cascade

How is this not higher? Such a brilliant underrated song from an incredibly underrated album!

One of the most beautiful songs ever.

Very pretty song

34 Indiscipline

I love this song. Discipline is never an end in itself, only a mean to an end.

No idea why this wasn't on the list already...

This should rank much higher than it is

One of my favorites. Shouldn't be so far back. - Sepron64

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35 The Construkction of Light
36 Three of a Perfect Pair

Great song. Should be much higher on the list.

How is this masterpiece this low?

37 Walking On Air

The very atmospheric bluesy delicate ballad "Walking on air" has an incredible combination of extremely bottom bass, ethereal floating keyboards, gentle guitars and drums: the lead vocals are impressive too; this track is like a flower that blooms on a concrete surface.

38 Discipline
39 Thela Hun Ginjeet

Song is pure heat, walking down the big city I don't know, buying cigarets, cooles feeling of danger and everyday fighting on this street I finelly know

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40 Dangerous Curves
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