Best King of Fighters Games

The Top Ten Best King of Fighters Games

1 The King of Fighters '98

This really should have been the last game. Not one Kof or Fatal Fury that followed (not even the overrated trash that is Mark of the Wolves) lived up to this.

At least the KoF fans here have taste. This deserves the top spot.

The Best Balanced Game Overall. And Coming to Esaka Music is favourite of all While fighting in this game

My Favorite Kof of all time

2 The King of Fighters 2002

It's a great KoF game too even though I kinda prefer KoF '98, I also like 2002. 2002UM is the best!

Great KOF with beatiful combos

3 King of Fighters 2000

"introduced me to KoF"
Same here. I liked KoF 2002, but after playing KoF 2000, I was more interested in KoF.

That game was great the first game I play sooo good

KoF 2000 is not the best in the series, but I'm voting for it because it was the game that introduced me to KoF

4 The King of Fighters XIII

Beautiful sprites (although it's very expensive to make sprites like that)

Awesome effects (yes, sprite effects such as fire, ice etc)

Pretty great backgrounds/stages (just like character sprites, they improved the stages/backgrounds too)

Awesome system (Drive Cancel.. Super Cancel.. HD Cancel.. And other types of cancels.)

Characters from other games appear as well, even some that already appeared in KoF (Kim from Art of Fighting who appeared later in KoF games, Raiden and Hwa Jai from Fatal Fury make a exciting comeback with awesome designs, Terry and the others from Fatal Fury as well, they appeared in plenty KoF games, Ryo and the others from Art of Fighting, they too appeared in couple of KoF games and others..)

Great comebacks (Classic Orochi Saga Kyo, although he is Kyo's alternate color, Classic Iori, Mr. Karate, Classic Raiden, NESTS Kyo, Billy Kane and probably more..)

Well, that might not be all but I would consider KoF XIII the ...more

5 The King of Fighters XI
6 The King of Fighters '97
7 The King of Fighters XII
8 The King of Fighters '99

Very good memories

9 The King of Fighters 2001

I thought everyone hated it?

10 The King of Fighters 2003

The Contenders

11 The King of Fighters XIV

The most complete, the best

12 King of Fighters '95

This is the one that, for better or worse, introduced Iori Yagami to the world

13 King of Fighters '94
14 The King of Fighters 96

The Specials are Cranked up even though some characters are overpowered the Physics are better with a fully revamped music. A game changer and Epic turnabout in kof games. They made 4 kof games took more than 2 years to fully perfect this game...a lot of hardwork and creativity is applied in this game.

15 The King of Fighters 2006
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