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1 A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Clown

Season 10, Episode 5

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2 Redcorn Gambles His Future

Season 9, Episode 11

3 A Fire Fighting We Will Go

Hank and the guys are the three (in this case four) stooges when it comes to keeping the city of Arlen safe from fires and fire hazards.

I hate hanks bully. This was the funniest episode

Hanks bully is one of my least favorite this is classic! Seasons 1-5 are ausome others are okay. Any way this is the funniest episode especially when boomhaugher told his story he spoke normal while others are like dang o man LMAO

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4 Hank's Bully

This is one of the worst episodes, it shouldn't be on here let alone at #2. This episode is basically a Hank Hill torture porn. A Firefighting We Will Go deserves to be MUCH higher on the list.

Dusty old bones full of green dust! - ethansims1

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5 Revenge of the Lutefisk

Season 3, Episode 21

6 What Makes Bobby Run?

Season 5, Episode 7

7 Aisle 8A
8 Bobby Goes Nuts

"That's my purse! I don't know you! "

9 Talking Shop

Season 8, Episode 22

10 Reborn to be Wild

You don't have to act or dress a certain way to worship God!

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? Dale to the Chief
? Returning Japanese

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11 Hilloween
12 Hank's on Board
13 Mutual of Omabwah
14 Ho Yeah!
15 Three Coaches and a Bobby
16 The Bluegrass Is Always Greener
17 Happy Hank's Giving
18 To Spank With Love
19 Get Your Freak Off
20 Pretty, Pretty Dresses
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1. A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Clown
2. What Makes Bobby Run?
3. Hank's Bully
1. Mutual of Omabwah
2. Aisle 8A
3. A Fire Fighting We Will Go
1. Returning Japanese
2. Hilloween
3. Hank's on Board



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