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21 Leon

Guides Sora, Donald and Goofy on their journey. Can't believe he's not on here yet.

22 Namine

She is very calm and is willing to help others of their needs as well as having a strong heart and emotion.

I think she's the most underrated character people don't realise how great she is.

People don't realize how awesome Namine is. She's the best of them all and has the most tragic story

She is the most underrated Square Enix character of all time

23 Stitch Stitch

Something tells me he will be having much more to do in Kingdom Hearts III.

In kh3 stitch will have something to do with demyx because stitch has a ukulele and demyx has a sitar (see the connection)

24 Ansem the Wise

Ansem is one of my favorites because he is a master of disguise because he went under cover as DiZ and was half good and half evil.

25 Marluxia
26 Cid

Great comic relief character

"Aw crud! I slept for 18 hours! "
-cid, KH manga, volume 1 shorts

27 Hades
28 Vexen

Definitely an uncommon pick, but his cunning yet insane nature was, for the very few times he was on screen, very enjoyable.

Smartest Character in Kingdom Hearts

29 Hercules
30 Xigbar
31 Larxene

I liked her and genuinely found her amusing. I hope their is some kind of twist and she isn't just gone.

32 Braig

Braig/Xigbar is just a completely different type of character from most of the entire franchise. I find him to be the most interesting member of Organization XI, outside of Axel.

I'd agree but I despise him.

33 Master Eraqus

He's a fully fledged keyblade master what more do you have to say. Well a little more to say is he only ever had good intentions.

34 ViVi
35 Xaldin
36 Beast

Gave Sora encouragement when he needed it most.

37 Genie
38 Merlin
39 Maleficent Maleficent

How is the main Disney villain not on here already?

40 Yen Sid V 1 Comment
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